• Monday June 14th - No Classes - Company Awards Night 5:00-7:30pm
  • Tuesday June 15th - All Classes as Normal
  • Wednesday June 16th - All Classes as Normal
  • Thursday June 17th at Dance Dynamics
  • 4:30 All Company and Thursday Ballet Dancers
  • 5:30-8:00 Company Dances
  • 8:00-9:00 Sr Worship
To provide ample time to setup the tent and organize the venue we ask dancers report anytime after 4:30pm but no later than 5:30pm. ALL dancers are encouraged to stay and participate in the finale.
As the weather and other outside factors may affect the Walk Thru and Showcase schedules, please stay in touch with us on facebook and website for updates, callbacks and other last minute information.
Showcase will be Professionally Filmed
Extra Step Films a professional dance video company will be filming the Showcase to provide a lasting memory for all students. In order to make this affordable and available to all families, a video fee of $35 will be incurred and can be paid via Venmo @DanceDynamicsNJ. Approximately 2-4 weeks after the showcase each family will be emailed a link to the Showcase HD Video that will be available indefinitely.
All dancers are required to be at the Byrne Plaza on Friday June 18th at 5:30pm. We will begin with announcements then the finale and work through the two acts.This will help provide an approximate flow of the show. Students may leave after their last number.

Dancers will not be wearing costumes. Please come in all black dance attire with hair pulled back in a slick low ponytail (no fly aways), and appropriate shoes for your dances. Company members please wear a black leo. Bring a chair/blanket and beverages to keep hydrated.

  • Company Production Members please report at 3:30pm for production run thrus.
  • Graduating Seniors please report at 2:30pm for your finale practice.
  • Review Hair Tutorial - As in the past, we will have appointments available for a small fee if you would like to have it done for you. Contact Tammy if interested.
  • Download costume list and organize and label costumes.
  • Pack Shoes (if applicable)
  • Makeup, Earrings and Accessories
  • Coverup for costume outside of tent
  • Water, Gatorade, Snacks
  • You may want to bring a cooler of ice and towels to help with heat and perspiration.
  • Rug for tent
  • Beach chair for tent and/or lawn
  • Show Lineup marked with numbers
  • Essentials: Bobby pins, safety pins, hairspray, elastic bands
DANCER TENT - Very Limited Access
An enclosed tent will be erected behind the stage for dancers' costume changes.
  • Security will be posted at the entrances of the tent and only allow access to dancers and people with proper back stage credentials.
  • The tent will be placed on a stone/shell driveway. When setting up your area you will want to bring a carpet remnant or area rug.
  • There will be lights and fans in the tent, but chances are it is going to be hot. You may want to bring a cooler of ice and towels to help cool off or any battery operated fans.
  • There is limited electric and the majority of the outlets will be used for the setup of the tent area.
  • We kindly ask that you be frugal in your personal area, as we have numerous students who need to use the space.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child is in one number please have them arrive dressed for stage. Although the tent is primarily for students with multiple costume changes, one act students may utilize the tent after their number to change out of their costume if they wish, however we kindly ask you be mindful of the hectic pace of the area and try to be quick.
To ensure the safety of all dancers, no dancer will be permitted to leave directly from the stage. All dancers will report backstage after their numbers and the finale.

The tent will have very limited access to provide a distanced and relaxed atmosphere. With this in mind please note the following:
  • DD Staff will be assigned to the tent to help with costume issues and any quick changes. A tent badge pass will be needed for access. Please register with Tammy prior to Friday Walk Thru to ensure you will have a pass issued for Saturday.
  • Dancers ages 12 and up (Junior and Seniors), please utilize the DD Staff to help with any costume concerns. They will be in constant contact with the stage staff and can help navigate any problems that may arise. Parent access will be limited for older children.
  • Dancers ages 11 and under (Youth and Nuggets) - One parent is permitted to help their dancer throughout the show. Please see Tammy for a badge.
  • To help keep overcrowding, dancers may have access to the tent while they continue to have numbers in the show. Upon their final number (not including finale) we request they join their families to watch the remainder of the show.

DANCERS AGES 11 AND UNDER, as this is an outside venue, for safety reasons please follow these guidelines:
  • Young dancers will NOT be permitted to leave the backstage area without being escorted by a parent.
IF YOU BRING IT WITH YOU, take it home with you or throw it away properly. Please use the receptacles throughout the venue for trash and recyclables. Ensure your area in the tent and on the lawn is cleaned up before you leave.

  • Dancers are permitted to watch the show between numbers, but are requested to report back to the prep area at least 3 numbers before their next number. All dancers 11 and under will need to have their parent escort them to the check-in table first.
  • An announcement will be made when dancers from the audience will need to report to the prep area for the finale. All dancers 11 and under will need to have their parent escort them to the check-in table first.
  • Make a hair appointment early if you need help with the recital hair.
  • Come to stage with full performance makeup on and do touch ups as needed.

After the finale all dancers will report backstage.
  • Dancers who DO NOT have belongings in the tent:
  • Ages 12 and older will return to the front of the stage to meet their families.
  • Ages 11 and under, will be escorted to the front of the stage for parent pickup
  • Dancers who have a setup in the tent:
  • Ages 12 and older (Juniors and Seniors) will gather their belongings and clean up their area from the tent and meet their families in front of the stage.
  • Ages 11 and under (Youth and Nuggets), parent with the badge pass can report to the tent to help your child gather their belongings and clean up their area.