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Dance On the Wild Side
Summer Classes
and Announcements!



Slow Jam Dance
Mondays of August
7 - 8:15 PM 
 Class size limited so register early! 
Slow Jam will use mellow, lush music and gesture, simple dance, chant and sound to create dances of peace and prayer.
 In the heat of a summer evening it is the perfect gift
 of body and soul to merge with nature and the elements .
 Move gracefully into contentment, peace and open into your
 quiet spaces. A chance to chill and jive
in a groove of simplicity!
Healing Waters Yoga Center
Monday Evenings August 6 - 27
7 - 8:15 PM
Registration Required ~ $55
No experience necessary!
All ages and body types welcome!
Questions or more info - call Emmy 648 0160 

                       Pulse Rhythm & Dance
chakra goddess

Holistic Exercise from the inside out - opening the chakras, connecting to nature and the elements, inspiring and delightful!

All ages and body types are welcome!  

No experience necessary!  

Wednesdays 9 AM Beginning July 4th

Be Healthy Institute
40 Main St Hamburg
648 3400 - registration required




Notes from Sherri......
Hello ladies. For Summer, Dance on the Wild Side at Rising Sun Yoga will have a different abbreviated schedule.
  NO regular class in July
 You are invited to join the students at Rising Sun Yoga for a free picnic.
So please come and bring some food and dance to some live drums! 

07/21/2012 @ 04:00 pm - 08:00 pm 
Location: Island Park Williamsville
Class:    Picnic / Open House 
  Bring a dish to share with others. We are suggesting vegetarian foods and no alcohol. However, if you are a meat eater and wish to bring a meat dish for your self, then please do so. We encourage everyone to bring foods that are healthy and not junk-oriented to coincide with our philosophy of living well. 
We will be having a contest for best performance of any kind. Please let us know if you will be entering. The winner will receive a $30 gift card. 

Please bring the following: 
~ your family and friends (no pets) 
~ games, hula hoops, drums, voices, rattles 
Our August schedule will be Dance on the Wild Side on the third Saturday, August 18th only at 6:30 pm.  
In September we should return to our normal 1st and 3rd Saturday schedule.  
Enjoy your summer! 
Love and Light



Women's Empowerment Retreat
at Lotus Abode                                                   
Lotus Abode
Still just ONE space left for this Women's Empowerment Retreat at the enchanted Lotus Abode! We had 2 people on the waiting list and both had to decline due to schedule issues - so YOUR spot is now open! Don't delay!
Fri afternoon/evening - Sunday Afternoon 
Sept 7 - 9.
$175 includes food, lodging, and much relaxation, Wisdom Circles, Dancing, bonfire, open space to walk, journal, chat, kayak.... in Eagle nesting country!
Call 648 0160
or e-mail 

An IMPORTANT message every woman should know......
An image that could save your life!
It can detect tissue change in the breast 5 - 7 years before mammograms detect any issue. 
It's non-invasive, painless, safe! It uses infrared images - no radiation! 
breast thermography 2

There will be a Thermography clinic at
Be Healthy Institute  in Hamburg on
Wed July 18
648 3400
My own personal story with Thermography...

A few years ago after a routine mammogram I was found to have micro calcification in one breast. Of course they immediately scheduled me for a core needle biopsy. During this biopsy you are placed on a table face down.The table is raised up so the doctors and nurses can work underneath. The breast is exposed through an opening in the table, anchored by a radiation machine and another mammogram is done to identify the exact spot of the calcification. A large core needle is pierced through the breast to extract the area of calcification. It is most uncomfortable and takes about 40 minutes. Then a chip is inserted into the breast so they can check the area in future mammograms. I would describe it as a barbaric procedure - and it could have been TOTALLY avoided if I had only had thermography first!! My insurance covered a $1,800 procedure - but thermography costs less than $300. When I later had thermography all of my anxiety was put to rest because that simple, painless, fast procedure assured me that any changes in my breast over the next 10 years were most likely to be benign. Thermography can detect so much more about your breast health than a regular mammogram. It is recommended that we have both procedures.
~ Wild Woman 

Here Kitty kitty......Kitty Desperately needs a loving home.....My friend is moving to California on July 31st and her beautiful cat Roxy needs a home. Please consider taking this gentle, declawed, neutered female if you have a love of kitties and can give her a new forever home! 
See her picture and flyer if interested! 

Poem Dance 

Living On the Wild Side Women's Gathering

Wednesday Aug. 8

7 - 9:30 PM 

Emmy Wild Woman's Home Studio

I shall take you on a journey  

to find the goddess/wild woman

within your own being.  

We will nurture our feminine divine with  

Wisdom Circle, movement, presentation,

reflection and activity  

with Emmy Wild Woman

and of course refreshments!


Limit 12


648 0160 to register 



   succulent flower


I shall see the goddess in me today - not perfection, but a woman spirit intimately connected with every aspect of life and deeply involved in the art of living.

~ Wild Woman


In Precious Memory
Lillian Curcio Campbell
2/17/29 - 6/13/12

My beautiful mother Lillian Josephine Curcio Campbell passed away peacefully at noon on June 13 after a long difficult battle with advanced Alzheimer's. She was serenaded straight to the heavens by her beloved cardinal, who kept a singing vigil outside of her room. We were grateful to be in a beautiful hospice setting where she could be surrounded by all of her children. I would like to share just a portion of the tribute I wrote for her funeral celebration....

Mom I think I need to just give a little time to one of the most painful and difficult aspects of your journey - and our journey too. There came that most difficult time when we moved you to an assisted living facility because you were no longer able to care for yourself in any way - dementia is a demon - advanced dementia is not just about being forgetful - it's dangerous and filled with indignity and loss of even self awareness - and finally it became just too much of a burden for any one person to continue to look out for you. We know this move just broke your heart and it totally broke our hearts as well to see this. There are no words to describe it except to say it was completely devastating for us to watch you - unable to understand and unable to cope. You used every bit of energy you had with your injured and failing brain to threaten us, cajole us, beg us and finally you tapped into your beautiful heart center to just love us as much as any human mother could, in hopes that we'd take you from that place. We knew you prayed during every waking moment for each of us. It was a beautiful facility, bright and cheery with activities and friendly people - but you wanted no part of it. For us it was pure misery to see you fail to thrive, to see you not eat and go quickly downhill. I know now - we all know now, that if it was God's will for you to live, if it was meant for you to go on with life, - you would have thrived there, made new friends and blossomed. Instead - it was your time to begin your journey home. How could we know that this was a divine plan? How could we ever trust that this was what was being asked of you - and of us? What a struggle we have all been through! This was the toughest journey asked of each of us - maybe to examine our values, beliefs and attitudes - regardless of the outcome. Maybe it was a lesson for us to know that we just can't always be in control - no matter how good hearted our intentions. Maybe it was a chance to discover how much we take for granted in life, and how much we need each other. Maybe it was a lesson on learning to be strong and endure the unfathomable in grief and pain. Perhaps it will be over time that we realize this was a lesson in the power of love, of forgiveness - a lesson my mother was a master teacher at! 

I am reminded of the words from Winnie the Pooh:

If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think, but most important thing is, even if we're apart - I'll always be with you.

I would like to think this is the final lesson Lillian left to all of us.


Thank you for the outpouring of condolences, notes, phone calls. I felt so much support and care as I walked this sad and difficult journey. I am grateful that my mom is free and in a better place, but I miss her in a big way!  

Without a doubt, I received my foundation and roots as a wild woman from this beautiful, gallant lady who literally and figuratively danced through life ! ~ Wild Woman   


We shake with joy, we shake with grief.  

What a time they have, these two 
housed as they are in the same body. 
~ Mary Oliver