JANUARY 19, 2014

The Dance of Intimacy - Understanding Relationships with Astrology

Lynda Hill, Anne Ortelee, Heather Roan Robbins, and
Arielle Guttman 

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Arielle Guttman 

The Venus Star Point, based on the book Venus Star Rising, is a new astrological tool that is both elegantly simple and quite profound. The Venus Star Point´┐Ż provides valuable insights in personal chart work and puts a vibrant spin on relationship dynamics. Learn your placement on the pentagram of Venus and how each of the points interact with one another to chart the important relationships of your life. 


Lynda Hill 

Using the Sabian Symbols in relationship analysis is very revealing as they help bring issues to light in very clear, illuminating and useful ways. The Sabian Symbols are phrases that tell a story of each degree, and whether it is Venus or Mars, Mercury or the Sun, the Moon or the outer planets, all of the planets and points paint useful and sometimes astounding scenarios describing how people live out their lives, both as individuals and in relationships. Learning how to use the Symbols in relationship readings is a very useful addition to the astrologer's toolbox.  


Anne Ortelee  

Transits and Progressions to our natal charts often appear in our lives as people.  People bring us relationships to learn from. Relationships help us self-actualize and individuate.  We reach our natal potential through relationships ~ good or bad.  We'll cover the different kinds of relationships symbolized by each planet plus tips and techniques to work with the person/planet standing before you once you figure out WHICH planet they embody.


Heather Roan Robbins  

"Intimacy" means something different to each person, and its map is woven in our charts. One with a Sun-Moon quincunx and Venus-Mars fixed square will clash with one who has a Venus-Mars sextile under a mutable New Moon; their family patterns and ways they seek and receive affection can run on skew lines. But if they can map their differences and learn each other's intimacy-language, they may be the perfect healing medicine for one another.   


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