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Hi Everyone! 


Welcome! We hope all of our dancers are now adjusted to their new dance classes.  I think overall the year has begun very smoothly. We are busy assessing everyone's levels to be sure they are in the proper classes.  At times the parking lot and waiting room can become quite full, but this is short lived during the class change overs. Please be sure to follow the arrows in the parking lot as it is one way.  We thank you for your patience! This is the first of several newsletters to come.  We will be sending a newsletter every 4-6 weeks.  If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.  The best way to reach us is via email at mhdcdance@comcast.net.   Don't forget to like us on Facebook at mhdancecenter. 
Please note: as of November 15th we will be adding late fees to all accounts in arrears. Please be sure your account is up to date.  As a reminder November marks payment #4.

****We will be closed Wednesday November 25-Sunday November 29  for Thanksgiving****

Face Painting Week October 26-31

Monday October 26-Saturday October 31 we will be holding our annual Face Painting week.  Dancers in classes with an average age of 9 and under will have the option to have their face painted.  Dancers are welcome to wear costumes as long as they can still dance and have a leotard under.  

Please let the instructor know if you do not wish to have your face painted. 
Peek Week
Get Your Cameras Ready!
During the week of Monday November 2-Saturday November 7 we will be holding our annual Peek Week.  This is an opporunity to see your dancers class in full.  Be sure to bring your cameras!! 
Note: team tap and jazz do not have Peek Week
A couple of things to note about Peek Week..


1. Your dancers may act differently with a room full of people(you may see tears)-this is normal.
2. Teachers will make general corrections, but tend not to single out any dancer while there is a full room-this can embarrass a dancer.
3. Though we welcome younger siblings we do ask they you do not allow them to wander about the dance room
4. Please turn off all devices while in the classroom and limit conversation as it can distract the dancers.
Note: The parking lot as well as the building will be very hectic.
Costume Deposits
It's Time to Begin Preparation

During the week of November 2-7 costume deposits for our annual recital on May 28 will be due. Planning for recital is much like planning a wedding, but for hundreds of bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Costume orders must be placed early to guarantee on time delivery. 


Although recital participation is not required it is a time a year our dancers young and old (the 3 year olds are the hit!) can't wait for!  If you or your dancer chooses not to participate please let our office know.


A deposit of $65 is due for each class your dancer participates in.  This will not include any technique classes (for those who take multiple ballets please make one deposit at this time and we will determine which classes perform). Note that  Leaps and Turns and Parent/Tot  do not perform in the recital.  Balances will be due by March 15 and will appear on your accounts by March 1.  These balances generally run between $5-10 for our youngest dancers (though at times there is not a balance) and $10-20 for our older dancers.  Most classes will receive tights with their costume as well.  **These deposit charges will appear on your account as of November 1 if you choose to pay this via your online account or in our office prior to the deadline of November 15.


The following classes will not require a deposit as we will put costumes together at a later date.  Hip Hop 12+, any pointe, any male dancer-***for our male dancers: please let us know if a charge appears on your account for your male dancer as they automatically are assigned by class.


When paying your costume deposit we will ask that you fill out a form available in the office.  Please note:  we cannot order a costume without a deposit. 

***Note: if you have dancers in multiple classes and need to set up a payment plan please do so with our office before the deadline of November 15***

Help Us Plan the Show!!
This years recital theme is a celebration of Broadway!  Share your favorite Broadway show with us!!


Upcoming Events
Quick Look of Calendar Events

Monday October 26-31
Face Painting Week

Wednesday November 11th
Veterans Day
We DO have classes
November 2-7
Peek Week

November 2-7
Costume Deposits due

November Wednesday 25th-November 28th
Closed for Thanksgiving Break

Viewing Window

For those who have class in the two front rooms.  The viewing window will be open on the first week of the month.  We generally keep them open the first few weeks of class so that you are able to see how class is run.  But, our goal is for you to see progression and that is not always possible when watching weekly.  If a special relative is visiting on another week we will do our best to accommodate.  At no time should a parent be entering the classroom to adjust the curtain.  
Book Your Birthday Bash
Allow Us To Make Your Child's Day Truly Special!


The votes are in and MHDC is the way to go for celebrating your child's special day! Dedicated to making each party a unique experience, MDHC offers a variety of party themes, in addition to  creating your own theme! Kids love the non-stop fun and games while parents love the ease of planning and hosting (not to mention not having clean up duty).


Here what a couple parents had to say:


"The girls all had a fabulous time! Miss Adria had them up and grooving the whole time with fun, active games and dance routines! The staff took care of absolutely everything, all we had to do was bring the cake and party favors and then enjoy watching the fun!"


-Carol Goff, mother of Chloe  


This year I decided not to have my daughter's birthday party at home to avoid dealing with the after party mess. I saw the MHDC website offering Birthday Bashes and thought it could work. I was right! My daughter had the best time celebrating with her friends. The girls danced, played several games and the staff was super professional, efficient and sweet! I was thrilled that I didn't have move a finger while enjoying and having quality time with the moms! If you are looking for a great place to celebrate your child's birthday party, think MHDC! They take care of all the details, your kids have fun and parents feel pampered by the staff!



-Isabela Bennet, mother of Cassia

New MHDC Gear is here!
order your jackets, sweatshirts, sweat pants by November 15th to guarantee Holiday delivery!


Check out our new logo and great new styles!!  Be watching for specials!!

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