Welcome to Balance Dance Studios 8th Season! We are so excited to have your dancer with us this year! We would like to share our Dancers & Dreamers' handbook with you that answers common questions you may have about our program.
What to expect on your first day

Visiting a dance studio for the first time is certainly an exciting experience for our tiny dancers! There are lots of people coming and going, different music in the air and lots of new faces. We encourage all families to take their time and explore the studio on their first visit.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early so you have time to explore the studio and settle into the new environment.
  • Show your dancer the room they will be dancing in.
  • Show them where you will be sitting and explain that you get to watch them on TV!
  • Take them to the bathroom for a potty break and grab a sip of water.
  • Say goodbye at the door and let your dancer place their bag in their cubby.

Tiny dancers might cry...
It’s very normal for a tiny dancer to get a little teary-eyed during their first few dance experiences, especially if they haven’t been to daycare or preschool before. The teachers are prepared to encourage children who are uneasy about attending class. It may be beneficial to hand your tiny dancer to the teacher and leave the room to see whether they’ll warm up to the class. Feel free to speak with the teacher if you have any concerns after trying for a few weeks. 

Everyday checklist:
  • Make sure your dancer has the necessary shoes with their name on them.
  • Dancers should always go to the bathroom and have a drink of water before class.
  • Make sure your dancer is not chewing gum and finishes all snacks before entering the studio.
  • Dancers should not enter the studio until their teacher is present and invites them into the studio.
Common Questions

Is there a special uniform for Dancers and Dreamers?
We want all our dancers to be comfortable and safe. Below is a recommendation for specific classes:
Please make sure that ALL shoes have your dancer's name in each shoe before class.

How should hair be styled?
At this age, we understand that it can be tricky to achieve a traditional ballet bun. We just ask that dancer's hair is neat and tidy and won't be a distraction when they dance. 

What will my child be learning?
Our curriculum explores all the essential building blocks for Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop and Acrobatics. We understand that young dancers are still growing, and our curriculum encourages safe and nurturing movement exploration. No dancer will ever be forced into uncomfortable stretching or positions their body is not ready for. All classes incorporate freestyle improvisation so each child can explore their own expression in dance. Each child will receive a dance passport that shows their progress of physical and vocabulary knowledge.

How will my child's success be monitored?
Each dancer will receive a dance passport their first day of class. This will be kept at the studio and, each class, they will receive a rhinestone for each skill they have mastered. When all of the passport has been completed, they will graduate to the next level. Please note; there is no need to change classes upon graduation, as your child will remain in the same class and the curriculum will advance. 

Do we participate in a recital?
Yes, Every year in May, we have a special recital for all of our Dancers and Dreamers! They will learn a dance in class and perform in a nearby theatre. There will be lots of communication about the big day and what to expect. All fees and due dates are available in your contract, and you may opt out of recital if a conflict arises. However, it is such a special opportunity for dancers to showcase all they have learned that we hope you can make it.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at dd@balancedancestudios.com.
Have you heard about our BALLERINA ACADEMY?
A 3-hour Dance & Play Curriculum taught by Ms. Ashley!
Tuesdays & Fridays 9:00am-12:00pm
Ages 3-5
Balance Dance Studios is excited to announce our Ballerina Academy , a 3-hour dance and play program for preschoolers ages 3-5, taught by the amazing Ms. Ashley! Young dancers will twirl, jump and leap into the world of dance! Students will explore the basic techniques of Ballet, Tap, and Acrobatics, while exploring their own imagination through creative movement. Utilizing a Play-Based Curriculum, your child will explore an exciting theme each week that centers around all things dance! We create engaging activities where students will learn about science, art, math, and language.