EITC Program Back at The Arc of Dauphin County!

Heather Howell of Mid Penn Bank presents their EITC check to Ken Seeger (left) and Craig George.

We are most pleased to announce that the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development has moved forward and re-established The Arc of Dauphin County as an endorsed agency to work with schools as an "Educational Development Organization."

We are now able to receive tax deferred donations from corporations registered with DCED and approved by them to make contributions to the EITC program. To date, we have received two most generous donations from:
  • Hershey Entertainment and Resorts
  • Mid Penn Bank
Our Consumers who are students in public schools will benefit from this contribution through our horticultural and nutritional programs, targeted to students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who are currently in school--the program augments their education provided by schools.

SCHOOLS: If you would like your students to be able to participate, please telephone Ken Seeger, our Director of Consumer Programs at 717.920.2727 or email kseeger@arcofdc.org.

BUSINESSES: If you would like to make an EITC contribution this 2018-2019, please telephone Craig George at 717.920.2727 or email cgeorge@arcofdc.org.

Valentine's Evening Dinner & Dance February 14 at 6:00 PM

Reserve your space now for the Valentine's Evening Dinner and Dance,  space is limited, and reservations are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis.

Have a wonderful dinner served to you at your table, enjoy a prom-like setting, take lots of pictures, and after dinner, enjoy dancing to today's best tunes!

Everyone has a great time, step out in style this Valentine's Day!

Free Lunch Included

Craig's Corner
A Message from our President and CEO

Many things are said about the state of the world right now, and when you scrape aside all the sad, horrific and negative news, there is a strong undercurrent of faith, hope and generosity that is unshakable, that is a rudder of sorts--a philanthropy that is bedrock.

From GoFundMe and similar programs to nonprofits throughout the world that usher in campaigns and fund drives to further their mission, philanthropy is key to mission success. 
Here at our Arc, we are proud of our philanthropic group of Consumers--The Aktion Club. This stalwart group of dedicated Consumers set aside time to meet here once a month for the Kiwanis Club of Harrisburg's sponsored Aktion Club meeting.  

They go out into the community on a regular basis and raise funds, which they then turn over to many Harrisburg charities including Caitlin Smiles, The Susquehanna Food Bank, and the Boys & Girls Club.

Their spirit of giving branches to all our members, who donate $50.00 or more a year to support our programs and services.  That giving then branches to all the donors who support our services throughout the year, and especially now--during our Campaign For Best Lives, which is our annual appeal.
We receive return envelopes almost daily with generous donations ( almost all of it sacrificial giving) in order to support our programs and services for Consumers. To all our supporters we say not only "Bless You for your Generosity," but we also recognize that we are blessed to be able to receive support for our services and programs. Thank you. We are most grateful.

In addition to our individual donors, we thank all our corporate and individual sponsors plus all the foundations and trusts that support the Consumers we serve. Everyone pulling together, finding the resources, making matching grants, funding particular initiatives--it is all like a giant jigsaw puzzle with many different elements all locked together for positive forward traction.

Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will see a story about our reinvigorated EITC program. The Commonwealth has again, through the Department of Community and Economic Development, recognized The Arc of Dauphin County as an "Educational Improvement Organization," and authorized us to be an agency that may receive EITC funds donated by Commonwealth businesses who qualify for the EITC program. To date, we can thank Hershey Entertainment and Resorts as well as Mid Penn Bank for stepping up to the plate and saying, "Yes! Yes we want to help students in school who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Yes, we will donate a portion of our tax payment to The Arc of Dauphin County so they can supplement educational programs, which support the schools!"

Also, elsewhere in this newsletter, you will see an article about our upcoming events through summer. This is a very busy time for us, as it is for all our friends and supporters. Thank you for taking the time to support our mission during our Campaign for Best Lives--which is still going forward. If you have not received your Campaign for Best Lives packet, please call Barbara Bressler at 717.920.2727.

We are thrilled for our Consumers to have you supporting them,

Spotlight on Programs and Services

This month, our spotlight shines on a program and a service that we expect will be of high interest to everyone.

1. Elsewhere in this issue is a new program being offered in February for parents of Consumers that have concerns and interests in TRANSITION. Transition should launch at age 14, and this program, featuring a free lunch, is designed to pave your way. See the article for dates, times and reservations. Hurry, though, space is limited to 50 persons.
2. CALL OUT FOR FAMILIES WANTING SUPPORTS BROKER SERVICES! We are a qualified Supports Broker Service Provider,  and we are in the final throes of setting up the program. Call Ken Seeger at 717.920.2727 to learn more about being involved with this new service.
3. The Arc of Dauphin County is once again an approved Educational Improvement Organization.  EITC programming has been initiated for this spring.   In collaboration with school districts, high school special education students are afforded the opportunity to achieve personal growth and self-independence in the transition process from school to the adult world.  The programing focus is horticulture, nutrition, and cooking.  

PARENTS: Encourage your school to participate. 

COMPANIES: If your company is an authorized EITC participant, please designate The Arc of Dauphin County, and notify us. Thank you.

Utilize our New Respite Center

As the year begins, you're probably seeking out a few traditional moments of peace. Whether it's gatherings with family or annual reflections on accomplishments, setting worries aside is a universally healing experience.

When families bring a loved one to our Respite Center, we consider how powerful it can be to offer loved ones the peace of knowing our facility is safe. By ensuring safety, we are reducing fear and anxiety for Consumers and their families, starting them on the path to true respite.

When we built our new Respite Center, our focus was on a family, warm home-like environment. Our focus was also on safety. Take the furniture, for example...it is all built by Furniture Concepts, a company specializing in attractive yet extra sturdy and sanitary furniture and fixtures--so that nothing breaks or wears. 
If you have not yet seen our beautiful new Respite Center and all our program has to offer, please call Joe Martin today, and he will gladly set up a time for a private tour with him, Ken, Ruth, or Craig. We would love to show you what we can do for you! Call 717-920-2727.

2019 Schedule

Your Arc of Dauphin County has been busy!   We are in the midst of heavy duty planning and strategizing for the next two years. Take a look at what is on the calendar for 2019, and mark your calendars accordingly:
~All events except the Dance, Picnic and Walk require advance registration~
Note: Every event listed is a sponsorship event, call 717-920-2727.  Your company or organization could be a Sponsor!
VALENTINE'S:   February 14th (5:30 PM to 8: 00) Our 14th Annual St. Valentine's Dinner and Dance. We are continuing to hold the cost at only $18.00 per couple, but reservations are a must! Very limited availability of eight couples. Restaurant-style fine dining, music and dancing on our new dance floor!
SPEAK OUT:  March 24th (Noon to 3:30 PM) : Our XXth annual Speak Out! Celebration held again at The Central Hotel/Best Western on East Park Blvd. Beautiful ballroom dining, hear self advocates tell their story of challenge and accomplishment, enjoy beautiful live chamber orchestra music provided by Elizabethtown College, and dance to the latest tunes by our professional DJ.   This is, for many of us, the most anticipated event of the year!
45th ANNUAL ART SHOW, Our Art, Our Voice!  Slated for April. Watch The ArcNews  for updated information.
"THE HIGHMARK WALK":   May 18th: (8: AM) Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community. Another highly anticipated event! Get your umbrellas ready (we have had a nice spring shower the last three years in a row!) and plan to join the festivities. We are fortunate to be one of the selected charities to participate, and we have to raise a minimum of $2,500 to be able to return in 2020.
FAMILY FUN DAY PICNIC:  July 13th: (Noon to 4: PM) Get ready for another Family Fun Day of games (Pie Walk, Bingo, more) at the Arc Pavilion.
GOLF OUTING:  Current Working Date is September 16th, 8: AM: FORE!   Watch out for the golf balls, it is our fourth annual Million Dollar Golf Outing, which helps fund our fall programs and services.  
MONTHLY , First Fridays (5:30 PM to 7:30) : Our Arc First Friday Dance! Refreshments and dancing to our professional DJ.
MONTHLY,   Usually third Thursday (5:30 PM to 6:30): The Aktion Club, a civic club affiliated with Kiwanis, International. Persons with Special Needs who form their own club to help support others in the community. Our Aktion Club supports such charities as the Boys and Girls Club, The Susquehanna Food Bank, Catlin's Smiles, etc. The Aktion Club is for members 18 years of age and up.
MONTHLY , third Thursday evening, 7: PM. ArcCrafters: A group of dedicated knitters and crochet artists knit and crochet together.
WEEKLY, ON MONDAY (9:00 AM to early afternoon):   Super Six Club.  Get out in the community on special field trips and learn about the world about you. Currently limited to six participants.
2X A MONTH ON TUESDAY:   (6:30 PM to 7:30) ArcExpression, learn to create! Create crafts and beautiful works you can take home to share/enjoy. 100% volunteer operated and supported.
WEEKLY:  Monday Evenings during school year (6:30 PM to 8:30): Continuing Basic Education.   100% volunteer operated and supported.
Make 2019 Your Year! We want to help you to achieve!
For registration, call Barb Bressler at 717.920.2727 or e-mail: bbressler@arcofdc.org

The Arc of Dauphin County Legislative Report

The Commonwealth's House of Representative has announced its 24 committee chairs. Here are 11 of the committee chairs that are involved in our sector and likely candidates for advocacy:

  • Aging and Older Adult Services: Rep. Thomas Murt
  • Children and Youth: Rep. Karen Boback
  • Consumer Affairs: Rep. Brian Ellis
  • Education: Rep. Curt Sonney
  • Health: Rep. Kathy Rapp
  • Human Services: Rep. Gene DiGirolamo
  • Insurance: Rep. Tina Pickett
  • Labor and Industry: Rep. Jim Cox
  • Professional Licensure: Rep. Dave Hickernell
  • Transportation: Rep. Tim Hennessey
  • Urban Affairs: Rep. Sue Helm
  Advocates on the go!    

Joining the Arc of Pennsylvania were some of the Arc of Dauphin County team: (from left) Craig George, Ken Seeger, Rhonda Mays, and Kathy Gingerich, our Advocate.

Jill Fulton Band Fundraiser Slated for May 31 

Vineyards & Brewery at Hershey

The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey and The Arc of Dauphin County have teamed up to present to our supporters who enjoy an evening getaway with great wine and great music, The Jill Fulton Band, on May 31st at 7:00 PM.

"Like a Southern Breeze, Jill Fulton arrives crooning warm soulful tones and showing herself to be a sweet and sassy songwriter, Jill pens tunes that entertain with power and poignancy. You may not know it yet, but you NEED a warm SOUTHERN BREEZE."

Jill Fulton, Nashville Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter and Entertainer has met with high acclaim. An example: The Herald-Mail says, "...a powerhouse voice that has garnered her comparisons of a mixture of Faith Hill and Janis Joplin." -Ethan Larsh, Herald-Mail
You can read additional reviews in the national press at  www.jillfultonband.com .

TICKETS WILL GO FAST!   Only $10.00 a piece! This includes admission, parking, wine tasting, and an opportunity to win some special raffle prizes.

RESERVE SEVERAL TABLES OF FOUR for you and your friends, or for your company and your constituents!   May 31st is around the corner. Break out of the cabin and forget the cold of the just completed winter, enjoy a wonderful evening at Hershey Vineyards and a major concert with complimentary parking for just $40.00 for FOUR!  

The Arc of Dauphin County's Goal: All 45 tables to be sold out. Our immediate goal is to find four companies purchasing six tables by February 14th (Or 24 individuals reserving one table of four each.)

Tickets: Send your check to The Arc of Dauphin County, 2569 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA 17103 and we will mail you your tickets. Or, call Barb Bressler at 717-920-2727 to order your tickets by credit card.   We only have 180 tickets, and expect to sell out by the concert!

Plan on $10 per ticket plus any additional amount you want to "kick in" to expand our programs.  Donations kicked in are tax deductible.

Ticket includes wine tasting.

Phone: (717)944-1569

Concert Date: May 31st 
Time: 7:00 PM.
Tickets only $10.00

Congratulations to our Official 2019 Newsletter Sponsor: Brown, Shultz, Sheridan & Fritz, aka "BSSF. "

BSSF promoted our Third Annual Million Dollar Golf Outing this fall by generously signing up to sponsor the ArcNews in 2019!

Upcoming Events

February 1, 2019

First Friday Dance 
Hosted by:  The Arc of Dauphin County

Location:  The Arc of Dauphin County, 2569 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA
Time:  5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Fee:  $5   

February 5 & 12, 2019

Arc Expression

To register: call 717-920-2727 or send an e-mail to bbressler@arcofdc.org.

Hosted by:  The Arc of Dauphin County

Location:  The Arc of Dauphin County, 2569 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA
Time:  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Fee:  Free   

February 15, 2019

Lunch & Learn
Hosted by:  The Arc of Dauphin County

Location:  The Arc of Dauphin County, 2569 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA
Time:  Noon - 2:00 PM

Fee:  Free, Lunch included   

March 1, 2019

First Friday Dance 
Hosted by:  The Arc of Dauphin County

Location:  The Arc of Dauphin County, 2569 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA
Time:  5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Fee:  $5   


Our Archivist needs photo albums in order to properly store photographs. Do you have any unused photo albums at home? We especially need ones that will hold 4x5 or 4x5 photographs. The easiest to use are the 8x10 or 8.5x11 "magnetic" sheet pages. We can take any amount- after all , we are archiving 65 years' worth of material! Please call Barb at 717.920.27827.  
Do you like organization?  The Arc of Dauphin County seeks energized, "want to make the world a better place" volunteers to help us with our many programs and services.  Even one day a month would be wonderful help!  Call Barb at 717.920.2727.
Your place to socialize and enjoy the music is The Arc of Dauphin County.  For nearly a decade we have been offering "First Friday Dances" complete with a DJ spinning your favorite tunes.  $5.00 covers entrance and hot dogs, cookies, soda, etc. (free to Charter Members of The Arc of Dauphin County). No reservation required.
Help support our friends with disabilities through our advocacy, education, consumer programs, life in the community/inclusion, and so much more!  Your gift ensures our non-profit can continue to provide the best services possible.  Our new Respite Center, now open and operating, will also benefit from your generosity.  Please e-mail Craig George at  cgeorge@arcofdc.org  or call the main switchboard at 717.920.2727.
If you are thinking long term, so are we!  Planning for the future, The Arc of Dauphin County will soon launch a Planned Giving program, which will allow our supporters who own a house or other real estate, who have paid up life insurance policies, or who would like to contribute to a trust or an Arc Endowment, as well as many other planned gift vehicles, to think long term with us.  Did you know without proper planning, the largest benefactor of your estate will be Uncle Sam?  Many planned gifts pass outside of probate from you to your loved ones and other beneficiaries, such as The Arc of Dauphin County.  For a confidential consultation, please e-mail Craig George at  cgeorge@arcofdc.org  or call the main switchboard at 717.920.2727.

Visit us at www.arcofdc.org.