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What's with this weather?? Rain in summer? Who would have thought? But then, a little rain keeps the trees looking fresh, the flowers fragrant and the kids... clean? Not exactly. 


But clean or dirty, they're heading out this afternoon to check out the sights and sounds of sea planes in Coal Harbour! It's Big Kids Abroad, and Jayme and Denet are leading the charge. 


If it has to rain in August, we're pleased to see it happening this week, because our summer party on Aug. 23 should be safely out of reach of this little storm system. The details are on our website, and you can also find Denet's dance video. 


Speaking of dancing, and Denet, did you know that she's also a certified dance instructor? Her blog post on the benefits of dance is up, and if you'd like to take her up on the offer to get fit through dance, you can join her Zumba classes on Thursday nights. 


There are lots of ways to have fun, even when it's wet. You're very sweet, but don't worry, you won't melt ;)


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Spread the Word: 100 Happy Kids - Aug. 23
Dancing with Denet
Big Kids Abroad - Wraps up Aug. 29
Exiting for September
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Spread the Word! The 100 Happy Kids Party is Aug. 23!


It's still more than two weeks before our all-ages, super fun, FLASH MOB DANCE PARTY - 100 Happy Kids - and to get the word out, we need your help!

Our instructional video has the steps to practice, and links for the details and registration, and if you could help us share it around, you could help us bring together a sight to be seen! 

Imagine! 100 Happy Kids dancing along with Denet at Jonathan Rogers Park, on Aug. 23! Talk about a photo op!

The Vimeo video has share links that makes posting it to any social media sites you happen to use super easy. Just click the image below and choose your favourite broadcast method! Your help would mean so much! So, could you? Please? :)

Dancing with Denet
By now, you already know that our teacher Denet has been delivering dance classes to the kids, and getting them active and even choreographed. (Click here to see her instructional video for the 100 Happy Kids dance party on Aug. 23.) 

She's got tonnes of experience with children and adults, and has a blog post about the benefits of for kids of keeping fit and coordinated. Check it out! 

What you may not have known is that she is a certified Zumba instructor and has recently started giving fitness classes at the Boogaloo Academy in South Vancouver. If you don't know Zumba, it's a high octane exer-dance, and our girl Denet has all the moves. Follow DanZa Fitness on Facebook and head down there on Thursday nights to join her class. 
Big Kids Abroad - Wrapping up on Aug. 29

The summer months have passed at record speed, and we're coming to our last three field trips! 

This afternoon, Jayme, Denet, and the kids will be braving the rain to check out the sights at Coal Harbour: Sea planes, the digital orca, Canada Place, and the Olympic torch are all on the list, and we're crossing our fingers that the rain will stop. :)

Next week, the crew will be heading out with Jen to Trout Lake, and on Friday Aug. 29, it will bee a bee-utiful to visit the bees at Cottonwood Garden in Strathcona, and then... it will be over. A summer of fieldtrips comes to a close. 

It's not too late! If your child is at Buddings between 1 and 5pm on a field trip day, they can share the adventure too!

Exiting for September
The school year is around the corner (hopefully!), and several of our big kids are heading off to kindergarten. We'll miss them, of course, but we know how excited they are to move on to bigger things. (Sniff, sniff...)

If your family is wrapping up with us this month, the process is pretty simple. 

All of our forms, including Parent Handbook, Consent to Policies, and of course the Exit Form are on the Forms Page of our website

Print one off, and make sure to send it in (a reasonably clear photograph is fine) by the 15th of your last month. Our membership fees are deducted on the 25th of the month, so getting it in on time helps us process your exit in a timely manner. Forms received between the 15th and the 24th will also get your membership canceled, but a $30 late fee will be applied for expediting the process.
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