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Teach Your Dog to Ride in the Car:
Prevent Anxiety & Motion Sickness
Included below are a couple of excerpts from an article on training your dog to ride in the car calmly and comfortably. Read the full article here.
Teach Your Dog to Love the Car

Although it’s easiest to prevent car problems in new puppies, any dog can be taught to associate the car with wonderful things using desensitization and counter-conditioning. Desensitization is a step-by-step method of gradually introducing your dog to the car. Counter-conditioning changes your dog’s emotional response from negative to positive by having great stuff happen near and inside the car.

Depending on how severely your dog reacts, you might have to teach your dog to ride in the car starting ten feet away while the car is parked in the driveway. Or maybe you can start with your dog on the back seat. The trick is to find the point where your dog is comfortable and relaxed then slowly move closer and closer. At each stage of the process, give your dog something beloved like a special toy, delicious treats, or a meal. You can even play games together or have a trick training session. Anything goes if it helps your dog link the car with food and fun. Only move closer when your dog is completely relaxed at the current stage. If your dog stops eating or playing, you’ve moved too fast. Simply take a step or two backward until your dog relaxes then start again. You might be inside the car in minutes, or it might take weeks. Be patient and move at your dog’s pace.

Prevent Motion Sickness

Puppies are more likely than adult dogs to get sick in the car, but many will grow out of their motion sickness as they mature. For those who don’t, fortunately, the steps above can help your dog become accustomed to a moving car. But if an upset stomach from motion sickness or anxiety still bothers your dog, here are a few tips to help ease your dog’s tummy:

  • Keep the temperature inside the car cool.
  • Lower the windows for fresh air.
  • Limit your dog’s food and water for a few hours before the trip.
  • Consult your vet about motion sickness medication or anti-anxiety medication.
  • Exercise your dog about twenty minutes before your trip to decrease stress.
  • Spray dog pheromones in the car. Available as collars, diffusers, and sprays, these pheromones mimic the odor of a nursing mother dog and relax even adult dogs.
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Save these Dates

October 2 & 3 | 10 am to 5 pm

Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park (formerly Lakewood Heritage Center)
801 S Yarrow St.  Lakewood, CO 80226

RMGDRI is happy to be back at Cider Days!  Come visit with our volunteers and Danes!

This event includes tractor pulls and vintage power displays, wagon and barrel train rides along with other children’s activities, historic demonstrations and a unique variety of exhibitors and vendors. The Cider Days Festival wouldn’t be complete without everything apple – including apple pressing, apple cider by the glass or gallon, Apple Annie’s Baking Challenge (Sunday only) and more.

February 18, 2022
Salt Lake City, UT

A night, not to be missed!

Save the Date!
Overall, July was somewhat tough for Diego. He experienced two relatively minor seizures 7/3 and 7/26. Both seizures were quick, roughly 30-45 seconds each, with about 5-10 minutes of recovery. The hardest part about his recovery is that he has this impulsive urge to trot around. It is even more challenging because the seizures affect his vision. Trying to keep a Great Dane from trotting into walls and furniture can be exhausting. Luckily, Diego has been fitted with a ‘Help em Up’ Harness, which has been a spectacular tool! While recovering from his recent seizure, the harness made it very easy to hold Diego in place and direct him in a circle and away from objects.
Diego also recently took a trip to Cornell University Veterinary School of Medicine for a follow up with the neurology specialist. This appointment served a dual purpose: the first as an annual follow up; the second to discuss the reflex changes that we have noticed day-to-day at home.
Diego's general physical exam was within normal limits aside from patchy hair loss thought to be secondary to hypothyroidism and a small abrasion on his left paw. His neurologic exam revealed a dull and sedate mentation and general ataxia (slow staggering gait) which was worse than on his last exam. A complete blood count, chemistry panel, phenobarbital level, and bromide level were also performed.
His new incoordination could be a secondary side effect of all of his medications and/or a problem affecting his cervical spinal cord (C1-C5 myelopathy). The most common condition appreciated in young adult Great Danes causing a problem with the cervical spinal cord is Wobbler's syndrome (cervical spondylomyelopathy). An MRI would be needed to definitively diagnose this condition. However, given his other abnormalities, it is unlikely that an MRI would change our overall plan for him moving forward.
Since Diego has been on this combination of medication for well over a year, it is more likely that Diego is suffering from something affecting his cervical spine. Empirical steroids such as prednisone can be used in acute flare-ups of Wobbler's disease if he were to have more difficulty walking.

Other than his occasional challenging days, Diego is still a happy, loving and cuddly Great Dane.


Anything purchased from his wish list will ship directly to his foster home,
just select Diego’s Amazon Wish list shipping address.
Sinai has a home with his new family in CO! Having owned Danes before, Chas knows that once a Dane owner, always a Dane owner! Sinai will be the perfect buddy for Chas, and the only dog, so he will get 24/7 love and attention! There is a reservoir behind where Chas lives, so he and Sinai will enjoy walks around the lake, and lots of play time in their backyard. Chas is incredibly excited to welcome Sinai into his family, and we are so happy for them both! Way to go sweet Sinai! Chas has decided to call him Merle after Merle Haggard.
Belle has a home with her new family in Utah! Steve, Aimee, and their son Isaiah adopted Lucy from RMGDRI in 2016, and were looking to help out another Dane in need. Being 9 years old, Belle has been in her foster home for quite some time, as seniors sometimes are. Steve and Aimee were so excited to be able to offer her a loving and patient home for her golden years.  
Duke has a home with his new family in Arizona! Isabelle and Kevin have adopted from RMGDRI before, and Duke will be their 4th Great Dane! They saw him and it was love at first sight. Duke loves to chase the lizards and rabbits, and never wins, but he loves the challenge! He also loves to put his paws on the fence and peek over at the neighbor’s horses. Being the only dog, he will have plenty of love and attention.
Axel has a home with his forever family in CO! Axel, a very loving and sweet senior gent, has found a family who was really looking to make a difference in a Dane’s life! Axel has nothing but love to give. Axel and his family will be together all day, and he will absolutely love that! We are so happy for Axel and his new family! Way to go sweet boy!
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