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Picnic Group
RMGDRI Picnic is back!

Saturday August 13, 2022 
11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Progress Park  
5100 Hickory St. 
Englewood, CO 80110

Fun for the Whole Family!
Silent Auction, Music, Food
Great Danes

Please include the number of Adults, Kids and Dogs
who will be attending the event.

Directions to the park can be found on our website

Article By: Jan Reisen / AKC.org
In extreme heat, when we lose power (or simply do not have air conditioning) it is not only stressful on ourselves, but also our canine companions. Below are helpful tips should you find yourself in this situation.

Keep Water Available
Let your dog drink as much water as possible. If you have a working freezer, make cold treats such as frozen chew toys or dog safe ice pops. But be aware, You don’t want to put anything ice-cold onto a dog, because that shrinks the blood vessels and actually generates more internal heat.

How To Help A Dog Cool Down
Stay indoors or in the shade. If your air conditioning turns off (or you don't have any ac) on an extra-hot day, go to the coolest area of your house, such as the basement. If possible, stay at a friends how until your air conditioning is restored. Other options are:

  • Have dog cooling supplies on hand.
  • A battery operated fan.
  • Cool cloths.
  • Cooling vest, which deflects heat and cools the dog through evaporation.
  • Cooling crate pad or a cold, wet towel for your dog to lie on.
  • Spray bottle filled with cool water. Spray their underside that’s not exposed to the hot sun (such as the groin area, where the hair is less dense), the bottoms of their feet, and inside their mouth.
  • Rectal thermometer with lubricant. Not to keep them cool, but to monitor their temperature. This shouldn't rise above 102.5, which is the high end of normal.
  • Unflavored pediatric electrolyte solution for the dog to drink if he gets dehydrated.

Watch For Signs of Heat Stroke
In spite of your best efforts, your dog could get heat stroke. Here are the symptoms to watch out for:

  • Unusual breathing (rapid & loud).
  • High Rectal Temperature (103 or higher).
  • Extreme Thirst.
  • Weakness and/or fatigue.
  • Frequent vomiting.
  • Disorientation.
  • Dark or bright red tongue & gums.
  • Skin around the muzzle or neck doesn't snap back when pinched (dehydration).
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Thick saliva.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Heavy drooling.
  • Agitation.

If you suspect your dog is overheated, immediately take him over to a cooler area or to the vet. Once in a cool room, separate their fur with your fingers so the cool air can penetrate the skin.

To cool your dog down as quickly as possible, pour cool water over their head and body, gently hose a very gentle stream of cool water over them, or, where possible, submerge them in a tub of cool water.

Even if your dog seems stable, it’s a good idea to take them to the nearest vet for evaluation and treatment if necessary.

RMGDRI is back at Lakewood Cider Days!

Saturday & Sunday, October 1-2, 2022 
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park
801 S Yarrow St.
Lakewood, CO 80226

Celebrating Lakewood’s agricultural heritage with an entertaining mix of live performances, activities and tasty harvest treats, the annual Cider Days Festival offers fun and excitement for the entire family!

This event includes tractor pulls and vintage power displays, wagon and barrel train rides along with other children’s activities, historic demonstrations and a unique variety of exhibitors and vendors. The Cider Days Festival wouldn’t be complete without everything apple – including apple pressing, apple cider by the glass or gallon, and more.


Yahoo! I get to stay with my Foster Dad and we are both committing to lots of walks and exercise together. He has been working with me on becoming the Greatest Dane I can be and we are getting along just swell.

WOWSA! A wonderful retired lady has asked me to come and live with her! I get to wake up in her bed, hang on the couch for Snuggle TV, putter in the garden and yard, more Snuggle TV before bed and then bed with her. What could be better for two retired ladies???

By George, I’ve done it! I’ve gone and gotten a new home. I can’t wait to meet my new family – I will have a cat to boss me and a St. Bernard and Great Pyrenees to pal around with, and new people to love all over me all of the time. What could be better?

Well, how about that! The 3 dogs and 3 cats in Foster Mom’s home got together and asked her to adopt me and she said yes! So I get to stay right where I am and sleep in one big fur pile with all my new besties. I can’t thank them enough for going to bat for the Boomer.

I’m so excited guys! My foster family fell for my charms and has decided to make me an official member of their family! Yay!! They are getting good at this too, because I am the second foster they have decided to adopt! They call it “Foster Failure”, and I’m happy they decided to foster fail me! Oh, by the way, my foster family has given me a new name, and I love it ZOE much!

I have found my forever family with Dasha & Jon! I really enjoy being the only dog and getting all the attention a senior gal should get! Dasha works from home so I’ll have company all day long, and will probably go for some morning walks to stretch my legs. They call me Penny, which I love, and I get to
call them Mom and Dad!
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