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How to Feed Multiple Pets
without Conflict
Whether you're currently a multi-pet family, preparing to have a family member's pet visit for the holidays, or are entertaining the idea of expanding the fur-mily via foster or adoption, mealtime can be stressful for owners and pets. To help make this Holiday season a tad more manageable, our friends at the American Kennel Club have some tips to get your pups to chow down without throwing down.

Create Routines

The first step is to have specific times when you feed them, instead of "free feeding" or having food constantly available.

Separate Spaces

Just as you shouldn’t allow children to interfere with your dog while they’re eating, it’s important to prevent other pets in the home from interfering with your dog during meals. Don’t allow your dogs to approach one another while they are eating. If one dog doesn’t finish a meal, pick up their bowl and don’t let another dog finish the other dog’s food.

Use Boundaries

In addition to having designated and consistent spaces where pets go to eat, don’t be afraid to create physical boundaries between them during meals. An easy way to do this is to feed pets in different rooms of your home and close doors while they’re eating.

Seek Support

Creating structured mealtimes and physical distance between your pets will usually prevent or alleviate mealtime challenges in multi-pet homes.

Male 1 Year Old
Female 8 Years Old
Gypsy Rose
Female 7 Years Old
Male 2 Years Old
Male 2 Years Old
Male 5 Years Old
Female 8.5 Year Old
Female 1 Year Old
Female 5 Months Old
Keep AmazonSmile ON in the App
Renewals are required twice a year to keep generating donations when you shop in the Amazon app.

To check your AmazonSmile renewal status or know when the next renewal period will be:
  1. Open the Amazon Shopping App on your phone
  2. Choose 'Settings' in the main menu ()
  3. Choose the 'AmazonSmile' to see if it's turned ON

You can always shop on smile.amazon.com on your desktop or mobile browser and generate donations for your selected charity. Renewals are only required for keeping AmazonSmile active in the Amazon Shopping app on your mobile phone.

February 18, 2022
Salt Lake City, UT

A night, not to be missed!

Save the Date!

Diego is 15 days without a seizure. He had one on 10/6 and another on 10/17. both seizures occurred while he was sleeping so we're sure what may have been the trigger. 

Other than that he has been quite the mischievous fellow. He got into a bag of apple woodchips the other day and thought that those would be a tasty snack. He also has figured out how to use his snout to flip open the pellet container and attempt to munch on those. We now store those in a squirrel proof metal tin. 

It's gotten much colder in our area so Diego is now wearing his pj's on a regular basis. He doesn't seem to mind at all. In fact, I think he really enjoys them - especially when they are fresh from the dryer. 

Anything purchased from his wish list will ship directly to his foster home,
just select Diego’s Amazon Wish list shipping address.
Hi Lovely People – I have a home with someone who will love all over me and I have a little brother dog to play with. My Foster Mom fell in love with me and I agreed to be her Furever Dane. She agreed to give me my favorite treat, carrots, and she still thinks it’s cute that I do the Bouncey Hop when I see the leash and know we are going for a walk.
Thank you, Foster Mom and now Mom – I’m looking forward to our weekend hikes together!
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