Dane Doings | September 2021
Adoptions in 2021
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We Need Your Help
So far this year, we have been able to take in, house, and eventually adopt out 28 wonderful dogs. We are so proud of this, but we could do better... And we need your help to do so.
Unlike many other rescues, Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue does not have a centralized facility where available dogs are housed. Each dog that comes to us is placed directly in a foster home; therefore, the more approved foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save. We sincerely hope that your home can be a foster home, too.
Fostering is key to our success as a rescue and significantly reduces the return rate for adopted dogs. By being a foster-only rescue, we guarantee each dog that comes to us gets special attention, reducing the chance of developing trauma and bad habits that can form from a group shelter environment. Living in a foster home prepares our adoptable Danes for living in their forever homes. Fostering also allows us learn more about each pup's personality and needs, so we can find them an appropriate adopter and a happily ever after.

If you love dogs,
there is nothing more rewarding than fostering.

Helping a dog that is in need and giving them extra love and attention to ease their transition is healing, not only for the dog but for the foster as well. It's an amazing feeling seeing a Dane transition from a situation that may not have been the best to their new forever home and knowing that you made a positive difference in someone's life.

Whether you love dogs and just want to help or perhaps you're interested in the breed, but are not quite sure if you are ready to adopt. We encourage you to learn more about becoming a Foster with RMGDRI.

Afraid you'll fall in love with the Dane you're fostering? Don't worry, you are given the first opportunity to adopt him or her.
Visit our foster FAQ page for more information and to complete an application. Or, if you're not in a position to foster at this time, please share this newsletter with your friends or family, we have some (three to) four-legged friends who would love to meet them.

If you're already approved to adopt and you want to foster, please reach out to Andrea directly at AndreaFC@rmgreatdane.org .
Female 5 Months Old
Female 8.5 Years Old
Male 2 Years Old
Male 2 Years Old
Female 1 Year Old
Male 5 Years Old
Gypsy Rose
Female 7 Years Old
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October 2 & 3 | 10 am to 5 pm

Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park (formerly Lakewood Heritage Center)
801 S Yarrow St.  Lakewood, CO 80226

RMGDRI is happy to be back at Cider Days!  Come visit with our volunteers and Danes!

This event includes tractor pulls and vintage power displays, wagon and barrel train rides along with other children’s activities, historic demonstrations and a unique variety of exhibitors and vendors. The Cider Days Festival wouldn’t be complete without everything apple – including apple pressing, apple cider by the glass or gallon, Apple Annie’s Baking Challenge (Sunday only) and more.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Sign up through Paypal by 5pm on Friday, 10/8/21 to allow enough time to receive bingo cards!

The Denver Cycle Sluts have chosen RMGDRI as their charity for their October bingo! This time it’s virtual, so no worries if you are not in Colorado! Please sign up using PayPal by 5:00 pm Friday 10/08/2021 to allow enough time send the bingo cards.

***Must Be 21 and older to play as we give away adult items***

Suggested $5.00 donation for a full card pack.
Click or copy this PayPal link:

Be sure to include an email address and a note of how many card packs you need. We will then send you the bingo cards and the link to the online meeting with some more details. We will be playing 5 games using 5 different colored sheets with a performance in between each game. We will have a tipping link to the PayPal for the performers in the chat in the meeting.

Get there at 7:30 pm to get a good square and test your Video. Balls will drop at 8:00.

100% of funds raised go to Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue of Colorado!!

February 18, 2022
Salt Lake City, UT

A night, not to be missed!

Save the Date!

September was a blah-month for Diego. He experienced two seizures: one on the 11th and the other on the 15th. Overall, both were relatively mild. The seizures were brief and he recovered quickly. He is currently on Day 15 of no seizures. 

A super special shout-out to Diego's sister for sending him a snuffle-mat!! Diego LOVES it. We weren't sure if he'd be interested in such a tool but we've quickly realized that he will do anything for even the slightest morsel of food. Now if only he'd stop eating his poop (& others). 

Also, a big thank you to the individual (from NM) who sent Diego a bag of his favorite cookies. Thank you! We really appreciate it. Many of the medications that Diego has to take on a daily basis upsets his digestion. It's really important to keep all of his meals, snacks, treats, & cookie's the same. At first, it was challenging, but now that we've found what works, we try really not to deviate. 

Anything purchased from his wish list will ship directly to his foster home,
just select Diego’s Amazon Wish list shipping address.
Binky has a home with his Foster mom, Molly. She saw he needed a foster who could help in his recovery and she quickly fell in love with the cute little bundle. She has renamed him Dudley and he will continue to go to work with her every day, where her co-workers have also fallen in love with him. We are so happy Binky found Molly!
Frank has a home with his forever family in CO! Sara and Scott and their two sons have fostered Danes in the past, including a Dane/Mastiff mix whom they fell in love with and kept. Frank’s new home includes a female Dane (also failed foster) and a cat. Knowing Frank enjoys the water, Sara and family are happy to welcome him on their frequent lake visits.  Way to go Frank – you made it!
Maxine has a home with her Foster, Chelsie. Maxine has been with Chelsie since the day before quarantine started and the two agreed they need to stay together. Maxine is the only dog for Chelsie, which is what Maxine prefers, and they both enjoy visits with the grandkids when they come over. Maxine’s favorite thing to do is sun on the deck and get Chelsie snuggles. Good Girl, Maxine!
It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to run a rescue
and we value every donation received.

It is our promise to you that your contribution will be put to good use,
finding Good People for our Great Danes.

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