White Pine Project IPA was one of the most popular seasonal releases in 2018. Not only was the beer dangerously good, but it made a huge impact on the North Shore. Thanks to your support, over 2,000 young white pines and seedlings were given away and planted last spring.

White pines were once a staple in the landscape of the North Shore. Our White Pine Project IPA is a beer with a purpose – to help reinstate the white pine population in our back yard. Proceeds from this beer will go directly to planting targeted areas along the North Shore that will stand for future generations to enjoy. This IPA flaunts a robust aroma of bright citrus, tropical fruit, and pine, with just enough bitterness. The mellow golden malt character and effervescence carry these towering hop flavors as high as a stately white pine.

White Pine Project IPA will be available at your local liquor store, bar, or restaurant starting the second week of February. Keep an eye on the Beer Finder on our website to see where you can get White Pine Project IPA in your neck of the woods.

Here comes the second Taproom Series beer of 2019! Brut IPA is a very special brew. Borrowing its name from the wine world – brut means very dry – this beer boasts a very dry and crisp finish. We use Pilsen Malt, Sauvignon Blanc grapes, and New Zealand hops to provide a unique fruity aroma and gentle bitterness while keeping the beer light in body and color. Hints of green grape and melon add depth to the flavors you get in a traditional IPA, making this unique brew one to try.

We are releasing Brut IPA in our taproom on Friday, February 8th. Details for the Brut IPA Release Party are listed below in the Taproom section.

Curious about what's coming next? Check out this Beer Calendar for our upcoming releases.

The man, the myth, the legend... Rich Powell, everyone! If you live on the North Shore, chances are you've seen this Sales Representative slinging beer at a tap takeover, fundraiser, or liquor store sampling. He's been with us since the very beginning and we figured it was time we shared his story with you. Here we go!

What did you do before working at CDB?
  • I was a news videographer for 14 years and also spent time being a stay-at-home dad, substitute teacher, and fishing guide before joining the CDB team.
How long have you been working for CDB?
  • Four and a half years.
What is the best part of your job?
  • I love getting to share our beer with our customers. I am proud of the beer we make here in Two Harbors and proud of our company. I always relish the opportunity to show someone a new beer and watch them taste it for the first time. 
What is your favorite CDB beer? What is your favorite beer outside of CDB?
If you could be any animal, which would you be?
  • I would say I’m pretty kitten-like.
What is your favorite movie?
Who inspires you?
  • My family. I have two wonderful kids and an amazing wife who works full time and keeps our crazy-train life on the tracks. I love selling our beer and having my family at home when I get done makes it even better.
Describe one crazy moment/memory you've had at CDB.
  • Installing the new tap system a couple minutes before we opened our taproom for the first time. It was pretty intense. We ran out of clean growlers, so Clint washed growlers and Clint’s dad, Jamie’s dad, and I spent 5 hours filling them. Also, our story is pretty amazing. Our brewery started with Clint making beer on his stove and here we are selling beer all over Minnesota. I had about 7-8 customers when I started selling our beer and now you can find our beer almost everywhere. That is amazing to me. 

Ask anyone at Castle Danger, Rich is one of the most dedicated employees on our team. His loyalty to his co-workers, customers, and our craft inspires us all. We would be lost without Rich and are thankful that he chose to devote himself to our dangerously good ales!

Everything starts at 6pm on February 8th. A brewer will start the party with an introduction to Brut IPA while we pass out *free samples*, live music by John Cron starts at 7pm, hourly prize drawings, multiple infusions of Brut IPA (Poached Pear, Double Dry Hopped, and Kiwi Habanero), and an El-Oasis Del Norte pop-up shop. The first 24 people to order a Brut IPA will get a free Team Danger pint glass. We are also offering $1 off pints and discounted growlers of Brut IPA during the party. The first drawing will be at 7pm and will go every hour until 9pm - you must purchase a pint of Brut IPA to enter the drawing, and must be present to win. Mark your calendars!!

We are in full support of Sunday Fun-days, especially in the winter when going outside hurts your face. Get $1 off dangerously good ales from 4-7 pm every Sunday until summertime rolls around. We'll see you at the taproom!

Our Pints for a Cause program is donating to the Lake County Ambulance Service for the entire month of February. Stop in every Wednesday and $1 of every pint sold will go to the organization. It's a great way to feel good about drinking beer. See you on Wednesday.
Liquor Stores
Castle Cream Ale
17-7 Pale Ale
North Shore Lager
George Hunter Stout
Choice Pils
White Pine Project IPA (available the 2nd week of February)
Bars & Restaurants
Castle Cream Ale
17-7 Pale Ale
North Shore Lager
George Hunter Stout
George Hunter Stout Nitro
Choice Pils
White Pine Project IPA (available the 2nd week of February)
Select Locations:
Baltic Porter
Brut IPA (available February 8th)
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