Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC
is pleased to announce that Partner
Daniel A. Cotter
has written and published a book titled
"The Chief Justices"
Since the establishment of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1789, seventeen men have held the esteemed position of Chief Justice. The first three Chief Justices held the position for a total of eleven years and, incredibly, the next two (Marshall and Taney) for the following sixty-three years – the longest combined tenure for two Chief Justices in the Supreme Court’s history.   Mr. Cotter’s book provides the reader with keen insight into the origins and duties of the position of Chief Justice, the impact key associates justices had on each Chief Justice and the major decisions made by the Supreme Court during each Chief Justice’s tenure.  Mr. Cotter’s book also explores the careers of each of the men who would ultimately become a Chief Justice and the culture in our nation during the time each Chief presided over the Supreme Court. If you have ever considered how the nation’s highest court has impacted our history and shaped our present day lives, this is a “must read” for you. Congrats to Dan Cotter.

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