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Hello Fellow Gardeners,
If you're subscribed to the Fragrance Alert then you already know how the added dimension of fragrance can take a garden from beautiful to enrapturing. If you're a subscriber of our Maple and Cool Woodies Alert then we know you love the beauty of shrubs and small trees and we think you're also going to be intrigued by the plants in this Alert.

We'd like to make sure that all of you know about two groups of shrubs that are among the best for taking your garden or patio to the next level of beauty and fragrance: Daphne and hardy Gardenia.

Included in the garden, Daphne and Gardenia can together can give you fragrance in every month except December and January. Did you just perk up when you realized you could have fragrance 10 months a year?

Have a look below to get to know these wonderfully fragrant and indispensable groups of shrubs.

See you soon!

Cheers, Gary and the Phoenicians
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Meet the Daphne and Hardy Gardenia
Daphne odora
Daphne odora, the winter Daphne, blooms in February, March, and April with purple-pink buds opening to white, lusciously fragrant flowers that are sweet and tropical. It is hands down one of the best fragrances of any garden plant through the whole year. Plant in part sun/part shade with morning or late afternoon sun (protect it from the hottest sun of the day) in rich, well-drained soil. Winter daphne should offer just the lift you need to get you through the end of winter and into the excitement of spring. Do not move after planting due to sensitive roots.We carry 'Mae-Jima' with broad variegation (pictured), 'Aureomarginata' with a thin yellow edge, and 'Zuiko Nishiki', a strong green selection.
Daphne Hybrids
There are some wonderful and indispensable Daphne hybrids for the garden. An earlier cross, Daphne x burkwoodii, has given us the lovely 'Carol Mackie' with pink buds and pink flowers atop variegated foliage. More recently the D. x transatlantica cross has brought us the most popular hybrid, Eternal Fragrance 'Blafra', and a variegated version 'Summer Ice'. These three cultivars form semi-evergreen mounds to 2-3 feet tall and wide with flowers produced constantly or in waves from April to November! The fragrance is like sweet baby powder. For smaller situations try D. x medfordensis 'Lawrence Crocker' with lavender purple flowers on plants just one foot tall and wide. All of these hybrids love full to part sun.
Hardy Gardenia
Gardenia have traditionally been a beloved houseplant sold in florist shops valued for their beautiful white flowers and intense, enrapturing fragrance. We carry a number of different cultivars that are hardy to zone 7 that look the same as the florist Gardenia but can live outside in protected situations. We have six different cultivars: 'Snow Storm', 'Kleim's Hardy', 'Pinwheel', 'Frostproof', 'Chuck Hayes', and 'Jubilation'. They differ in having either single or double flowers and having leaves of slightly different shape and sizes. Plant them in sun to part sun with good rich soil in warm locations that offer some protection from the vagaries of winter. Hardy Gardenia produce a big flush of flowers in late spring to early summer and then continue to bloom through the summer.
All of these plants are available now at Phoenix!
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