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  • Above: Racist political campaign 1970s Britain. This is the type of environment that Darcus Howe, the West Indian Standing Conference, John La Rose, Vince Hines, CLR James, Dame Jocelyn Barrow, Sybil Phoenix, Mia Morris and many others had to fight through for Black people to get where they are today.
Above: The Darcus Howe plaque will be unveiled on the same building as the CLR James plaque. James was the author of the incredible, pioneering book 'The Black Jacobin: the story of the Haitian Revolution'

4th January is the birthday of CLR James who was the uncle and mentor of Darcus Howe. CLR James also mentored Farrukh Dhondy, Marika Sherwood, Aykaaya Addai-Sebo, Linton Kwesi Johnson and many others activists.
Above: Fascinating 1970 interview with CLR James on his revolutionary book the 'Black Jacobins' detailing the successful overthrow of slavery in Haiti by Africans who beat the French, Spanish and British.
Blue plaque for Darcus Howe on Brixton's Railton Road

Darcus Howe One of Brixton's biggest and most significant characters, Darcus Howe, will be honoured by the unveiling of a blue plaque on Railton Road next Tuesday (4 January). It will join an existing plaque marking the time that the great...

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Above: Darcus Howe Nubian Jak Plaque Unveiling Tuesday 4th January 2022

Black History Walks continues our ongoing review of the work and legacy of the legendary activist Darcus Howe. The plaque is produced by Nubian Jak and sponsored by Black History Walks. It will be unveiled at 167 Railton Road, Brixton, presently home to the Brixton Advice Centre, in the 1970s the building was the office of the Race Today Collective.

Darcus Howe was a key figure in many major movements from; the Black Panthers, to the Mangrove 9, to Bangladeshi housing, the Black Peoples Day of Action, the Brixton uprisings, changing the face of British TV with the Bandung File, Devils Advocate and the Race Today Collective.

Between 1973-88, the ground-breaking Race Today journal was at the epicentre of the struggle for racial justice in Britain, highlighting the limitless opportunities and impacts campaigning journalism can have.
With the struggle against police racism and brutality currently happening across the world, it is vital that young activists learn about the recent history of Black Radicalism in Britain, including the Black Radical press, in order to harness the revolutionary potential of the media in the fight for racial justice.

Between 1973 and 1988, the Race Today journal and its collective of writers passionately fought police brutality, challenged racist institutions and, by adopting intersectional politics, linked the experiences of Black communities in Britain with other struggles to illustrate the interconnectedness of race, sex and class exploitation.

Under the controversial editorship of activist and former Black Panther Darcus Howe and, from 1985, his wife Leila Hassan, Race Today became a central voice for the anti-racist Black community in London.

Full article by Bryan Knight in Novara Media HERE
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Sarah Parker Remond plaque unveiling. Black History Walks

Eventbrite - Black History Walks presents Sarah Parker Remond plaque unveiling. Black History Walks - Friday, 25 March 2022 at Russell Square tube, London, England. Find event and ticket information.

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Above: previous Nubian Jak and Black History Walks plaque erected in 2019
The Black King. Power, Magnificence and the Epiphany

Eventbrite - Black History Walks presents The Black King. Power, Magnificence and the Epiphany - Thursday, 6 January 2022 at National Gallery (meet point on REQUEST), London, England. Find event and ticket information.

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Save New Beacon Bookshop!

Established in 1966, New Beacon Books is the only remaining independent Black publishing and bookselling entity in the UK. Throughout its 55 years, it has been pivotal to the growth of the Black Education Movement, the Black Supplementary School...

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Buy cinema tickets for African Odysseys presents: UK...

The UK Premiere of a Brazilian film drama exploring racism in a high school in contemporary Brazil. Brazil 2020 Dir Déo Cardoso With Lucas Limeira, Jeniffer Joingley, Nicoly Mota 86min Digital English subtitles Based on real events, this...

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Above: Rare, award-winning, Brazilian film at BFI Southbank, Saturday 22nd January. Plus Q&A

The African Odysseys programme at BFI Southbank has been screening amazing films from the African Diaspora once a month plus Q&A since 2007. The films are curated by a collective of grass roots activists including Black History Walks. The hundreds of dramas, documentaries and talks have informed and educated tens of thousands of people over the last 15 years. It is the only such programme in the country.
Bridgerton's real Black History

Eventbrite - Black History Walks presents Bridgerton's real Black History - Sunday, 20 March 2022 - Find event and ticket information.

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Above: Checkout Andrew 'The Investigator' Muhammad's Haitian Revolution breakdown HERE