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Saturday, October 09, 2021
About: Maintenance
"Truth does not mind being questioned. A LIE does not like being challenged."
Dana Point Boaters,
Maintenance of Dana Point Harbor is on the mind of boat owners. The expectation of well-maintained docks, clean restroom facilities, parking, and security, without the need to request and/or provide photos of adverse conditions to management is a reasonable expectation. How exactly will an outrageous slip increase remove neglect or create interest in regular maintenance?

NEGLECTED DOCKS –For 50 years and counting, Dana Point Harbor endures marine weather and is the home port for approximately 2,400 boats. Irrespective of boat size, the docks and fingers are in a major state of disrepair. Both maintenance neglect and weather take a toll on the aging docks, however, it is ridiculous to lay blame on sea lions for destroying docks and fingers. The weight of an adult male sea lion may exceed 800 pounds, however, 4 human beings, with an average weight of 200 pounds each weigh the same amount. The last blow that splits a dock could come from either people or sea lions. Anyone, and especially persons charged with the duty to maintain docks, can notice the need for repair well in advance of it reaching the breaking point. Unfortunately for boat owners, a temporary stabilization due to lack of maintenance is not cause for an outrageous increase of 26% to 96% in slip fees.

It is reasonable to expect well-maintained docks and fingers regardless of age. – TRUTH!

How much advance notice is needed before repairs commence?
CLEAN RESTROOMS – “Lack of ventilation” is no excuse for lack of cleanliness. If anything, it is more of a reason to keep it clean. Whether a restroom is 40 years old or 1-day new, regular and thorough cleaning is the only known method to maintain sanitary conditions. – TRUTH!
Co-operation and communication are virtually non-existent between boat owners and harbor management. Intimidation and retaliation for speaking about fee increases, lack of dock maintenance, and other issues to harbor management is a severe problem that must stop immediately. Boaters deserve to be heard without fear of reprisal!
Now is the time for action. Continue to write, include photos, and ask questions. DPBA listens to boaters, advocates on your behalf, and appreciates your communication and support.
Write to the county supervisor:
Lisa A. Bartlett
Supervisor, Fifth District
333 W. Santa Ana Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Office: (714) 834-3350
Write to the press media outlets:
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The Log
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Dana Point Times
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