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Wednesday, November 10, 2021
About: Security
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Dana Point Boaters,
Security around Dana Point Harbor is an ongoing issue many boaters find virtually non-existent when it comes to the safekeeping of kayaks and other human-powered craft. Any flyers or signs posted by boaters asking for help to locate a missing kayak or other presumed stolen items are hastily removed. Can boaters expect the current management to upgrade the level of security following the outrageous increases now paid by all slip renters? Beyond a blind eye and lack of proactive efforts from management, it is reasonable to expect a modicum of security be implemented for the protection of boater property and security of Dana Point Harbor in general.

Notable mention of missing kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and other items could serve as a quiet notice to potential thieves that the harbor is under surveillance. Better lighting on the docks is a good idea that goes hand in hand with maintenance. Does the light on your dock box locker work? Again, boaters must question how exactly the outrageous increase in slip fees is improving conditions for slip renters? Other marinas in Orange County post information related to crimes. Why must Dana Point boaters’ concerns fall upon deaf ears? Stay Tuned, more information coming out shortly!
CRIME ALERT – BALBOA BASIN MARINA - NEWPORT BEACH – Although Dana Point is among the safest cities in the country, this status is afforded by vigilance and watchful individuals. Liveaboard boaters contribute to watchfulness on the docks. The number of liveaboards continues to decline from the 70 allowed. Currently, the harbor has approximately 20 liveaboard boaters. The DPHP are aware that crime is a serious concern. An open communication between management and boaters would serve both parties well, however, many boaters fear retaliation if they complain or suggest improvements to the current management team.
This must stop immediately! Boaters deserve to be heard without fear of reprisal! This type of behavior is just as much of a crime as the persons who steal property that does not belong to them.

It is reasonable to expect security around our docks and fingers. – TRUTH!

The word security, used as a noun, means the state of being free from danger or threat. Our docks and fingers in various states of disrepair may be considered a security risk.
Even articles written with clever edits taken to omit truthful facts is likewise a security risk. Careful attention to detail and early action taken serve as a security measure anyone is capable of doing. What is the reason for neglect and procrastination of duty?

Boaters, your Dana Point Boaters Association actively listens and endeavors to serve you as a strong advocate to issues of concern to all participants in the harbor. In a community, every person is important and contributes to the atmosphere of well-being. Together we are united in the goal of maintaining our beloved harbor that serves the county and beyond as an area of recreation, beauty, and a place to relax and enjoy coastal access.

Your regular contributions to the legal fund and DPBA are essential to continuing the ongoing effort to keep open communication between all stakeholders. The members of our board volunteer to devote time and attention to what matters to you.
Now is the time for action. Continue to write, include photos, and ask questions. DPBA listens to boaters, advocates on your behalf, and appreciates your communication and support.
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