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Darrell's Story -- A Story of Self-Introspection, Determination, Self-Management, and Gratitude!

My name is Darrell Wright and I am an individual in sustained recovery. What this means for me is that I have not used alcohol and/or any mind or mood altering substances since 2010.
            I must say that I finally started making some substantial changes in my life, after decades of trying, when I finally made the decision to get out of my own way. I then went on to follow a program that has proved to help millions of other people straighten out their own lives... ... ...
Today, with self-introspection, determination, and work on self, I am literally living an honest, productive, and satisfying life that allows me to help others while at the same time helping myself. I have a beautiful fiancĂ©e and adorable two year old son.   I live life on life's terms. I may not have the home or car of my dreams, or even be at the level of living where I would like to be, but thank God I am nowhere near where I use to be!
            In 2013, I returned to college. In 2016, I graduated and obtained my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Human Services, with a concentration in Addiction. I will complete my Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate at the close of this semester which will transfer into a 60 Credit Licensed Mental Health Counseling Master's Degree Program.
             I am currently a proud member of the Boston Public Health Commission's Safe and Sound Recovery Center, which is federally funded by SAMHSA, Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration.  I am employed as a MOAR Recovery Coach supporting others on their own self determined recovery path.

             It is my long-term goal to continue working in this field, and possibly go on to start my own business, write grants, and/or develop some new alcohol/drug treatment modules. If, I have learned anything over the last seven years, I learned that we can do some amazing things when we commit our minds and hearts to a particular objective.  That is the power of recovery!
MOAR Boston Public Policy Forum 2017!
Senator John Keenan and Paul Bowman from the National Association for Medication Assisted Recovery stand together against stigma and in support of treatment for all pathways to recovery.

Learn about Senator Keenan's 30-day Treatment Bill
A great friend of MOAR, Representative Liz Malia shares about the importance of advocacy and her important new bill "An Act Relative to Substance Use Disorder Diversion and treatment.

Always great to hear the strong recovery voices from StepROX Recovery Center. We learned about their great new program with NAMI to support people with
co-occuring disorders.
Father Joe White helps us kick off the evening on a note of hope and gratitude with his spiritual message.
The star of the evening, Darrell Wright, pictured with Doug Lomax and our other great friends from the Boston Public Health Commission's Safe and Sound Recovery Center.
Lew Finfer from MCAN/Jobs Not Jails closes the evening with a powerful call to action to the recovery community to help reform our criminal justice system.
Learn MOAR about Jobs Not Jails
MOAR thanks to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, the Boston Public Health Commission, Mayor's Office of Recovery Service, our board, staff, members and all of our friends for making the event great!

Special Thanks to our fabulous speakers:
Tim - Recovery Speaker and the many who shared their recovery stories 
Father Joe White, Roman Catholic Archdiocese Recovery Services Boston Faith Based and Recovery Coalition  
Representative Elizabeth Malia 
Senator John Keenan 
Karen Pressman - Director of Planning and Development BSAS
Vic DiGravio- Association for Behavioral Healthcare, (ABH) CEO 
Connie Peters- (ABH) Vice President of Addiction Services 
Joe Kelleher- Gavin Foundation/M.A.S.H. 
Ostiguy Recovery High School Principal Roger Oser and Students 
Jennifer Tracey, City of Boston Recovery Services Director 
Lew Finfer, Massachusetts Community Action Network, 
Jobs Not Jails Coalition
StepRox Recovery Center 
Safe and Sound Recovery Center 
Devine Recovery Center
Darrell Wright - MOAR/Safe and Sound
Helen Connolly - Allston Brighton SA Task Force and all Boston coalitions 
Monica Valdes Lupi - Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) Director 
Rita Nieves- BPHC Assistant Director 
Yalika Cardenas - BPHC Director of Programs and Planning
Maureen Cavanaugh-
Magnolia New Beginnings Family Support
Maureen Mcglame - COASA, Children of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
Colleen Labelle - Boston Medical Center and Statewide Office Based Opioid Treatment Director 

Policy Action Alert!!!

Please Consider Contacting Your Elected Legislators to Support Massachusetts Coalition for Addiction Services Budget Priorities
The Massachusetts Coalition for Addiction Services (MCAS) is a group of advocacy organizations that have come together to speak with one voice to strengthen support for funding for addiction prevention, treatment and recovery support services and increased access to services for people with substance use disorders.  This includes funds for three new Recovery Centers and money needed to sustain the successful Access to Recovery Program.

If you think these are good ideas, please let your legislators know!

1.  Go to and enter your address to get the contact info for your representatives.

2.  Email this MCAS Budget Document to your representatives.  You can use the following sample script and/or feel free to add your personal experience:

       Dear Representative/Senator [legislators name],

As a [person in recovery/friend/family/ally] from your district, it is important to me that the state provide funding to increase access to addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery support services.  I believe that the budget priorities set by the Massachusetts Coalition for Addiction will help to curb the ongoing opioid epidemic in our state.  This includes funding to sustain the successful Access To Recovery (ATR) program that is danger of ending this year.  ATR helps thousands of individuals re-entering society from prison, veterans, and pregnant or parenting women to stay in recovery.  Please consider consider supporting the budget items outlined in the attached document.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]

3.  Also consider contacting the chairs of  Ways and Means Committees:

Senate Ways and Means
Chair: Senator Karen Spilka
Vice Chair: Senator Sal DiDomenico

House Ways and Means
Chair: Representative Brian Dempsey
Vice Chair:  Representative Stephen Kulik:

If you have questions, please contact Jared Owen | | (617) 423-6627
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