We meet some inspiring people at Threads of Life. Life throws the worst it’s got at them, and they find ways to keep getting up in the morning, and eventually find ways to heal and to help others. As we enter a brand-new year, I’d like to offer you some inspiration. May this brighten your day and in turn, may you brighten someone else’s.
Gifts in unlikely places
When April McCarthy decided to share the story of her husband Chris’s death in our newsletter, she came up with the title herself: Gifts of Grief. Most people don’t think of grief as a gift, but April did … eventually. Chris was lost at sea working on a crab boat. Being widowed at 33, April says, was painful -- “excruciating at times”. She worked hard to accept, be healthy, and learn gratitude. Today April is a Threads of Life volunteer, supporting others going through tragedy. Read her hopeful story now.
Threads of Life and the COVID dichotomy
Increasing demand and decreasing revenue
Many are surprised to learn that there are over 86,000 charities in Canada. The charitable and not for profit sector represents approximately 10% of the Canadian workforce and 8% of our GDP. Imagine Canada’s Sector Monitor - Charities & the COVID-19 Pandemic, shares some sobering statistics:

  • Charities are experiencing a significant and broad-based decline in revenues. Nearly three-quarters of the charities surveyed have reported a decline in revenues.
  • The demand for services has increased for over one-third of charities surveyed.

This is the dichotomy Threads of Life is currently experiencing. Demand for our peer-based support programs continues to grow while our revenues decrease. Some of our individual and corporate funders have had to pause their support of Threads of Life due to COVID-19. Threads of Life is fortunate to have a strong reserve fund that ensures we can continue to provide our peer support programs at no cost to Canadian families experiencing a life-altering workplace injury, illness or death. We are proud to be one of 248 charities that have met the rigours and been accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program. This focused approach will serve us well in 2021 and beyond.

We ask that each of our readers consider providing financial support to Threads of Life at an individual or corporate level. Through your support, families like April’s can heal, and even go on to help others. Together we can realize Threads of Life’s mission, to help families heal through a community of support and to promote the elimination of life-altering workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths.

For more information on corporate support of Threads of Life programs please contact Scott at smckay@threadsoflife.ca
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