Darling Demands Answers from Evers Administration on Vaccine Rollout 

Madison – Governor Evers is not giving Wisconsin residents any clue on when they will get vaccinated against COVID-19. On Tuesday, media are calling the Governor’s vaccine rollout “bizarre and disorganized” and asking if bureaucracy is slowing the distribution. According to those reports, our state is near the bottom in the Midwest for getting the vaccine to health care workers. State Senator Alberta Darling is demanding answers from the Evers administration.

“Governor Evers is on the verge of yet another disaster from his administration,” Darling said, “The governor had months to prepare for this. We all knew the vaccines were on their way. Without a transparent and efficient plan, the governor is repeating the mistakes he made with unemployment insurance. Wisconsin residents deserve and need to know when they can expect to be vaccinated against COVID-19.” 

At the request of her constituents, Senator Darling sent the following list of questions to Governor Evers’ administration:
  • Why is Wisconsin lagging behind other Midwest states in terms of vaccine distribution?
  • Does DHS plan to release an updated vaccine plan on their website?
  • Is it possible for the vaccination data to be released more frequently than on a weekly basis?
  • Based on the daily data, it’s clear that there is a widely variable number of vaccines being given to patients each day.  
  • What targets have been given to hospitals/hubs on how many vaccines are to be administered per day?
  • How is DHS determining the quantities for distribution at individual locations? Specifically, how has DHS prioritized the order in which hospitals, providers, nursing homes, & first responders will receive the vaccine?
  • Is there a timeline for vaccinating all of phase 1a?
  • How is DHS communicating information to the hubs, hospitals, providers, first responders, & nursing homes relating to the timing of their vaccinations?
  • When will there be a determination for who qualifies for phase 1b?
  • What is DHS’s strategy for prioritizing the order & communicating to those in phase 1b (once officially determined)?

“Governor Evers’ administration must provide the answers to these questions,” Darling said, “The faster and more efficiently the vaccines are distributed, the quicker we can get back to normal in our society.” 

Senator Darling represents portions of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha Counties.
Media Contact:
Name: State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills)
Phone: 608-266-5830
Email address: Sen.Darling@legis.wisconsin.gov