April Specials | 2021

April is here and so is Spring. Think about where we were this time last year... Who knew how long and how devastating Covid would be. Rumors were spreading that it just might last all the way until the middle of summer!

Who knew...

But now at last we can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is a vaccine that seems to be working and people have been taking precautions that have at least slowed down the onslaught. Along the way, we have discovered new ways of coping, new ways of selling, and in many cases, actually thriving through these hard times!

Hurray for us!

But this is no time to be complacent. We need to realize that our business is affected not just by what happens locally but what happens globally. In order to have the greatest merchandise on our shelves for Christmas, we need to get our orders in now. Manufacturing will be playing catch-up for months. Once they actually make a product, shipping is being delayed by the lack of containers, and once a container is located to use, the products are nearly at a standstill waiting for the huge backlog to clear customs.

In short, it is going to take a lot more time and effort to get your stuff this year!

If you haven’t already ordered your holiday product, you are almost too late, not just from our vendors but from all vendors. Now is the time to make it happen. You want the best, not just what is leftover and if you get those orders in now, you will thank yourself later!

Lindsay DeMyer
Vice President, Darrah & Co.

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Vendor Spotlight:
Natural Inspirations
A Luxurious Collection
of Natural Bath & Body Products

Natural Inspirations was founded with a simple goal in mind... create authentically natural, beautifully indulgent bath & body products that support women’s health. Our products nourish skin with rich, botanical ingredients and no harsh toxins. We want you to indulge in the good, and eliminate the bad!
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8 Oak Lane

$500 Holiday Order = 12/1 Dating

About Face Designs

Christmas 2021: $300+ = 12/10 dating (w/approved credit) OR $300+ PAID W/CC AT TIME OF SHIPMENT = Free Freight
$300 Order = 5% discount; $350 Order, paid w/CC = Free Freight

Body Guard

Filled Fixture Display ($560 w/fixture) will receive Free Freight!

Bunnies by the Bay

Order $300+, get 50% off an 8 pk of Roly-Poly’s (Bun Bun, Brownie, & Kiddo styles only!); $400 = Free Freight


$300 = Free Freight

Cait + Co.

#AMBBD Gem Collection Bath Bomb Rotating Counter Display Asst = 5% Discount


$500 = 6 free mask necklaces; $750 = 12 free; $1,000 = 18 free; $1,500 = 24 free (must note in comments section!)

Certified International

Freight Cap Program: $750 = 15%; $1,200 = 10%; $2,500 = Free Freight (no discounts; 1 shipment only!) OR $500 = 10%; $1,000 = 10%, N/60; $2,000 = 10%, N/90 (Code: 2021 Spring Special; may combine orders)

Ebba Gift

New Acct - $350 = Free Freight; $500 = 12% freight cap

Ellembee Gift

Order 7 sets of towels (42 pc), get FREE ladder for display (must request the ladder on order!)

Firefly Candle Co.

$750 = Free Freight; $300 = 1/2 Freight (includes Classic, Classic Reserve, & Destination collections only!)

Glass Baron

Mother’s Day Promo: Free goods w/purchase of $350, $500, or $750

Glory Haus

Holiday Orders: $500 = 5%; $1,000 = 10%

Lucky Bird Clothing Co.

$500 Order = 50% freight discount; 10% discount on all comfort tees
Fall/Christmas Collections: 10% discount when booked by 6/15

Magnolia Garden

2021 Fall/Holiday Pre-book: $400 = 5% freight cap, N/30; $750 = Free Freight, N/60; $1,250 = Free Freight, N/90

My Word!

All orders of $200+ = Free Freight

Natural Inspirations

Mother’s Day Promo: place $400 order, get 6 free lip butter kits; place $500 order, get 12 free kits!


$350 = 8% + N/60 (Code: Spring Unicorn)
(May not be combined with any other discounts or programs!)

Oak & Olive

New or Dormant Acct: $250 Order = Free Moxie Family Tote (PSA-803); $350 = Free Lido cooler Bag; $500 = 25% freight discount + Free Lido cooler bag; $750 = 50% freight discount + Free Lido bag; $1,000 = FF; Free Acrylic Display w/purchase of 24 bottle pourers (PSA-390)

Penguin Random House

50% discount off retail + Free Freight + N/60 end of month terms!

Top It Off

Fall Pre-Book: $500 = Free Freight

Tripar International

$350 = 20% freight discount; $1,000 = 40% freight discount; $2,000 = 60% freight discount; $3,000 = 80% freight discount; $4,000 = Free Freight (Code: CATALOG21R)

Vann & Co.

$500 = 7% freight cap; $1,000 = Free Freight

Vintage Life

$500 = Free Freight

Violet & Brooks

Satin Masks (neutral & sorbet only), buy one, get one Free!

Willow Street Designs by dei

Seasonal Pre-book: $1,000 to ship after 7/1 = 12/1 dating (may combine from multiple catalogs) Code: EX121
Fall/Halloween: $500 to ship after 7/1 = 11/1 dating Code: FH111
Summer Pre-Book: $1,000 = N/90 Code: EB90
Every Day: $500 To ship by 4/30 = 10% Code: IS10

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