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"Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy. " - Baba

DASAMAMSHA - The Hindu Law of Tithing
"Let the rich man satisy one who seeks help,
And let him look upon a longer pathway;
Wealth revolves like the wheels of a chariot,
Coming now to one, now to another."
---Rig Veda, Tenth Mandala

Dasamamsha, means tithe -- literally "tenth" -- the setting aside and giving of a tenth of all earnings to Baba to perpetuate His work on Earth. Such as Vedam (iparting of Spirituality to all souls), Annadanam ( feeding the needy), and Yagnam (praying for peace, happiness, and welfare of all beings).

Perpetuating our religion perpetuates " the good life" for the next generation and a good birth for their parent. Therefore, think deeply about Dasamamsha, about your prosperity now and in the future. Tithing is an investment in the future.

"If you look to me, I look at you." - Baba

We must first acknowledge Baba is the only One that can help us, and surrender to Him with Sradha (faith) and Shaburi (patience), then He will then take care of us.

The practice of Dasamamsha contributes to happiness, health, and power

Tithing can also include giving of one's time. We thank all the volunteers that have helped at the Temple and all the places where Annadanam was performed this past year, such as Sri Lanka.

We thank the few devotees who have already started giving regularly. Join them and START by the amount that is comfortable to you now. Jai Sai Ram.


**Sai Family 2021**
You can be part of Sai Family by sponsoring one of the following: 

Family names will be included in all major programs and prasadam will be sent.

Family names will be included in all major programs and prasadam will be sent. A blessed gold pendant will also be given.

Annadanam Donations for India and USA:

With all your continued support the temple is able to provide meals to the hungry and the needy in the USA and India. Consider supporting the Annadana Program. 

May Baba's blessing always be with you and your family! 
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