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A Note from the Executive Sponsor
If you’re like me, you may be finding it hard to believe we’re already into the holiday season. It feels like only last month we were just learning about COVID-19 and wondering what the implications would be for our daily lives. It’s crazy to think that we’ve been enduring this pandemic and the recession it’s created for almost 12 months now!

During that time, businesses have been asked again and again to help stem the tide of new cases, to shut down or reduce operations or enforce mask mandates so that we can flatten the curve and protect our communities. Time and time again, our local businesses have stepped up to answer those calls, often at great cost.

This is why the BuyAlaska program was created, to give back to those businesses that are doing so much for us. When you shop local, your dollars go towards keeping our economy going, preserving jobs, and saving the businesses that make our communities so vibrant and unique. This holiday season more than ever before, we need to come together as Alaskans and make sure our money goes towards a good cause.  

With social distancing and increased shutdowns going into effect, I know how tempting it is to do your shopping online. There’s a reason Amazon is so successful: they have a lot of options and they make it easy to spend money. What they don’t do is sponsor your kids' sports team, or employ your neighbor, or help to diversify your local economy. Local businesses do that.  

I hope that you will all join us at BuyAlaska in supporting local businesses any way you can. Promote them on your social media, go out and buy your gifts from local vendors, get gift cards from businesses that can’t operate during a pandemic. The more support we can give our businesses, the better off we’ll all be when this is all over.  


Jon Bittner
Alaska SBDC Executive Director
Our Objective
BuyAlaska Partner Highlight
Think 'Local First' when Planning Your Holiday Shopping List
Alaska Communications, Heather Rhodes

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global economic recession unlike any in recent memory. It has negatively impacted sectors and communities across Alaska. 
Small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities. At Alaska Communications, we’re proud to support the important work BuyAlaska is doing to encourage Alaskans to shop local. We’ve been operating in Alaska for more than 100 years and supporting our communities is a part of who we are. I can say with confidence that since working with BuyAlaska, I’ve seen a genuine shift in people becoming more aware of the importance of shopping local. Alaskans are known for supporting each other. In times of need, we step up and support our neighbors.

With the holiday season upon us, I encourage Alaskans to shop local when purchasing holiday gifts and food. Instead of ordering toys for your children online, check to see if your local toy store will do curbside pickup. Rather than buying your holiday meal preparations at a big box store, visit your neighborhood butcher, bakery or market. While you’re supporting local small businesses, it’s likely they’re doing the same. They give back through partnerships, nonprofit support and the use of other local businesses as service providers.

We also know our local nonprofits are struggling right now. Alaska Communications has continued its same level of nonprofit giving despite the pandemic. We’re also proud to support our local United Way chapters through our annual workplace fundraising program. We encourage you to follow BuyAlaska for the latest and greatest on how we can work together to build strong local economies. 
BuyAlaska Holiday Gift Guide
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BuyAlaska is making it easy for you to shop Local First this holiday season! Explore gift ideas by BuyAlaska business members and find that perfect gift for your special someone.
BuyAlaska, In Business for Alaska Businesses
* Coming Soon * - The BuyAlaska Statewide Directory
BuyAlaska is thrilled to soon offer the only state-wide directory of Alaskan-owned businesses. 

Members of BuyAlaska will be able to create and manage their own business listing and events on Stay tuned for more information about how to list your business.
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Follow the Dollar!
Check out the BuyAlaska Following the Dollar in Alaska video!
Shopping local is important as we support small business owners through these hard times, but did you know that spending money at a local business also benefits all of Alaska?

A dollar spent at an Alaskan-owned business gets spent again, and grows to support a thriving economy and a bright future for Alaska.
How to Get Involved with BuyAlaska
BuyAlaska is a multi-stakeholder initiative housed by the Alaska SBDC. Organizations and individuals statewide are welcome to join us in finding ways to elevate our economy. 

If you haven’t already, opt-in as a BuyAlaska member (it's free to join) and we’ll email you when we have news, updates, and opportunities to support local businesses. Share the link with your social networks and help us get ‘The Buzz’ out about the benefits of buying local!

The BuyAlaska logo serves as a reminder to think Local First. Show your support for small businesses and visit our website at the bottom of to get your free download of: 

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We want to hear from you. Consumers - what works for you to shop small? Business Owners - tell us how BuyAlaska can best serve you. Take our We Love Local survey to give us your input. 

Alaska’s small local businesses deserve a lot of love and we want to share with the world how great they are. Follow us on the BuyAlaska social media channels and get in on the conversation!
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