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September 2020
Welcome to the September edition of DSI's Data Center Digest! We hope you continue to stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you when the industry returns to in-person events.
For the last number of months, DSI has focused extensively on the power performance and backup capabilities of our customers' Data Centers, as well as on educating the data center community. To that end, we have been providing numerous Data Centers with support to ensure that their power systems can withstand the current crisis and the possibility of limited Data Center staff on site.
Mission Critical Magazine Covers DSI Data Center Wildfire Warning
For those of you in California and the Pacific Northwest, you're all too familiar with the wildfires and recent record heat that have been ravaging the area. Add to that the earthquake that was felt throughout the Greater LA area last Saturday, and it becomes imperative that data centers have the proper backup in place to withstand these events. This necessity has been compounded by all of the telecommuting and telemedicine resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and prompted DSI to renew its commitment to ensuring that the industry has the tools to maintain uptime and that backup power is ready to go at a moment's notice. You can read our announcement in Mission Critical Magazine.
Complimentary Back Up Power Assessment
DSI's Electrical Assessment Service is available to guarantee that your Data Center electrical systems are fully functioning during these tumultuous times. DSI's Electrical Assessment Service helps Data Center owners and operators ensure their backup power is ready to go should one or more of these events happen. Please reach out to us if you would like to set up a consultation.
Please be well and continue to stay safe.
Phil Rafferty
Phil Rafferty Shares More Expertise with ITtoolbox
In our last newsletter, we highlighted Phil's IT toolbox interview on data center configuration best practices. In June, Phil was at it again joining experts from Lenovo, Apstra and Insight to discuss data center trends that are moving the market.

DSI Delivers Upgraded Data Center for Chico PD
The City of Chico Police Department needed to upgrade their existing Data Center while ensuring that the Data Center was wired for a future redundant UPS and to make room for additional server cabinets as they grow.
DSI worked with the head of their IT department for this replacement project, which included a site assessment to understand the current state of the Data Center.
A Primer on Liquid Cooling

While air cooling remains the norm in the Data Center universe, that is changing as Data Center owners and operators are looking to keep this significant expense in check. And many are turning to liquid cooling as a way to bring down energy use and to be more energy efficient. According to the Uptime Institute’s 2020 Data Center Industry Survey, when rack densities are higher than 20-25 kW, direct liquid cooling becomes an economical option.

Check out one our recent blogs where we dig into the details of the different types of liquid cooling.
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