You may think you have a backup solution in place, but is your solution good enough to quickly return your business to normal after disaster?  
October 2017
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if you can't recover your data quickly , then it's not a backup. Our disaster recovery service guarantees a 15-minute failover.
fourDISASTER! What Disaster?

Who knows what disaster could wipe your business these days?
Hurricane, fire, flood, ransomware, hacking, power outage, human error...
Infrascale Disaster Recovery is a hybrid cloud disaster recovery as a service that helps mitigate the downtime caused by server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters.
15-Minute Failover Guarantee 
Our disaster recovery service guarantees a 15-minute failover. You can bring any system back online, in our cloud, from the time of disaster - in 15 minutes or less!  
The THM Group provides disaster recovery and cloud backup services, including ransomware protection for your business. Send us a message and we'll be back to you with information about Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution (DRAAS). Or let's talk about how we can protect your data and avoid costly downtime.
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