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Are you giving a Presentation at the Clinical Research Professionals / Data Manager Conference? Tandem? Or, anywhere else?  This tutorial shows how to make your presentation sparkle. It contains tips on what to do to get ready and feel confident from your first idea to podium time.  Watch it right now.  Or, later it can be found on the Online Training webpage, scroll down under General Topics.
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Center Performance Analytics (CPA) Update
Your center data has been refreshed as of 12/14/2017 to represent the reporting period of 1/1/2013 through 12/31/2015.

What can I do with the CPA application?
  • Analyze the same center specific data set used to prepare your center's annual Transplant Center Specific Survival Analysis (TCSA) report
  • Find relevant descriptive statistics in category-specific tabs
  • Select up to two dimensions at a time for analysis
  • View your data in a bar chart or pivot table
  • Compare each data dimension for your center with the same aggregated data provided by other centers by filtering comparative centers by center size, patient population (pediatric, adult, or both), center performance, and geographic region
  • Analyze your center's one-year observed survival
  • Export data in Excel file formats
  • Create and save ad hoc queries for future use
  • Download your center's data set using the Data Download option
Which data are available in CPA?
  • The same data used to prepare your center's annual Transplant Center Survival Analysis (TCSA) report, which includes US allogeneic first transplants over a moving, three-year reporting period prior to 12/14/2017. 
  • Data is reviewed and refreshed annually.
How do I access CPA?
  • Sign into the Portal main page preferably in Chrome, using your Google credentials
  • Select the 'CPA' tab
  • For additional instructions visit the 'How To' tab
What if I have questions? Contact if you experience a technical issue or if you have questions about your data.  
CIBMTR Forms Instruction Manual
This update was made to a Forms Instruction Manual during the month of December. 

The following forms are being revised / developed for the next release:
Anticipated Release Date
2018 / 2118 - Lymphoma Forms
January 2018
2402 - Disease Classification (LYM)
January 2018
4000 Pre-Cellular Therapy Essential Data
January 2018
4003 Cellular Therapy Product* January 2018
4006 Cellular Therapy Infusion January 2018
4100 Cellular Therapy Essential Data Follow-up Form January 2018
3500 Subsequent Neoplasms* (for cellular therapy) January 2018
Recipient Eligibility Form 2500* January 2018
Thalassemia* (20XX/21XX) TBD (not started yet)
* New Form
For more information about the upcoming release, or current form revisions, please contact: Tiffany Hunt (; Will Affield (

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