New Survival (SUR) Form Status

Got a patient you know is alive with no other data? Tired of overriding whole forms?  We have a solution for you!
As patients get further out from transplant, collecting data becomes more difficult and burdensome for centers. In an effort to alleviate the reporting on the lack of data, a convenient new feature has been added to FormsNet3.  

After the July 2018 FormsNet3 release, centers will have the ability to report only a recipient's latest alive date of contact, thus eliminating the need to override multiple questions to get forms to complete status.  Please note however, this feature should only be used when it is known that the recipient is alive and all efforts to obtain follow-up data on a patient have failed.  

This feature will be available in the same location as where you would make a recipient Lost to Follow-up (LTF).  Simply select if you are reporting Survival or LTF, then answer the applicable questions. 
In addition, this new feature will update the corresponding disease inserts'  form status to match the 2100, (i.e. you only need to complete Survival or LTF once for the visit instead of on both forms, as users previously needed to do).  For future reference, details on this feature will be found in the Data Management Guide, under the FormsNet3 tab. 
Three  eLearning modules in SPANISH 
Pre-Ted Form 2400  (15 minutos)
Guía para el llenado de datos esenciales Pre-trasplante. 
Disease Classification Form 2402 
Facilitar las instrucciones / guias de como introducir datos en la planilla: Disease Classification (Form 2402) utilizando como modelo un caso clinico.
Post-TED (Transplant Essential Data) Form 2450 
Facilitar las instrucciones/guiones de como introducir datos en la planilla: Post-TED (Transplant Essential Data) - Form 2450 utilizando como modelo us caso clínico. 

Marcelo C. Pasquini, MD, Janet Brunner-Grady, PA-C, Dr. Gregorio and the team of 
Oncologia - Transplante de Medula Óssea,  Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in Brazil, have collaborated to bring these eLearnings to publication. They are located on the Online Training webpage. 

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October 3, 2018.
CIBMTR Forms Instruction Manuals
Recent updates made to the Forms Instruction Manuals are  here.
The following forms will be released in July

2100 R5- update to add work status questions in the functional status section
4100 R4- update to Toxicity section
3501 R1*- Pregnancy form for cellular therapy
2500 R2- addition of a study specific question
2540 R1*- study specific form, SC17-03
2541 R1*- study specific form, SC17-10

* New Form

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