New eLearning - Reporting NMDP Facilitated RELATED Donors 

Historically, NMDP/Be The Match has been known as an  unrelated donor registry. In April 2017, Be The Match started facilitating  related  donor work-ups. This new service requires data managers to report on several CIBMTR forms differently. The objective for this eLearning is to teach how to report correctly to enable donors and recipients to match up in FormsNet and assure placement in appropriate studies. Click here to view now, or watch later from our Online Training web page.

Revised eLearning - Cellular Therapy Forms Submission 
Explanation and overview of the CIBMTR Cellular Therapy data collection forms for new therapies, how the forms come due, and required follow-up reporting. Access now.
Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Updates are in the  Data Management Guide

The Data Management Guide contains information on center participation and data submission to the CIBMTR. From forms due to CPI, the Data Management Guide is a one-stop resource for any individual seeking guidance around forms due, data quality, and the CIBMTR.

Open the Data Collection and Quality section, and under CPI, changes have been made to the Forms Due Report, Summary Report, Non-Compliance, and CPI forms.  Access the Data Management Guide  here.

10-CMSMDS-1 Study
Changes to Required Forms 

CIBMTR is pleased to announce that as of the January 30th, 2018 release of FormsNet3, centers will complete Comprehensive Report Forms (CRF) for about half of the patients participating in the 10-CMSMDS-1 study.
Recent revisions to the 2400, 2402, and 2450 forms enable CIBMTR to address relevant scientific questions using a mixture of TED and CRF data. This allows us to reduce the number of CRF forms we request.
Further study information is located on the CIBMTR website at the following location:
Thank you for your continued participation in this important study.

CIBMTR Forms Instruction Manuals
Recent updates made to the Forms Instruction Manuals are  here.

The following forms are being revised / developed for the next release:
Anticipated Release Date
Viral Infection (2150)*
Spring 2018
Fungal Infection Forms (2046 / 2146)
Spring 2018
Sanofi Mozobil Supplemental Form (2565) Spring 2018
2400/2000 Revisions to begin**
2006 Revisions to begin **
* New Form
** Accepting volunteers to help with Form Revision  NOW 

To volunteer for Form Revision review teams, get more information about the upcoming release, or comment on current form revisions, please contact:
CIBMTR Online Training webpage - to read course descriptions and access  eLearning modules -  to submit recipient forms and communications to CRCs
Look Up Your CRC - to discover who your assigned CRC is by e ntering your name and center
Past Newsletters and eBlasts - to refresh your memory on news we've sent - send comments about forms or volunteering for forms revision
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