FormsNet3 Tr aining Tip on Reporting Cytogenetics

Our data quality team has noticed a frequent discrepancy on  the Form 2402 Disease Classification for AML, ALL and MDS when answering this question "specify number of distinct cytogenetic abnormalities identified".

For example, if this were the case, (above left) . . . . . then you would specify t hree (3) for the answer (above right). The common error is not counting all the abnormalities including those reported in the 'other specify' field.  If you have any further questions, please contact your CRC.
Two eLearning modules for Lymphoma 
The Lymphoma forms changed significantly and require updated understanding. We encourage you to take a closer look at the disease and learn important details of reporting tests; best response; date assessed; treatments; disease status, and more. These comprehensive modules provide specific material for accurate CIBMTR data collection. 

They are each about 30 minutes in length.  Begin studying now by clicking on the title below,  or watch later from our  Online Training  web page.

LDAP Password Reset
A convenient new feature has been added to the page - a self-service password reset option. This eliminates the need to contact the Service Desk for a password. The option is called  LDAP Password Res e t and it can be found on the page after logging in with the RSA SecurID or app-based soft token. A link to set a password is sent to the email address that we have listed in the user's account. If there are any questions about the LDAP Password Reset, you can contact the Be The Match Service Desk at (800)526-7809 x3411 or 763-406-3411 (outside of the U.S.)
RSA SecurID 'Soft-Token'
Our international centers are now moving to a smartphone app-based "soft" token for logging on at Setting up the soft token is slightly different than setting the PIN for the SecurID token, but not difficult. Instructions are provided and support is available from the Be The Match Service Desk at (763) 406-3411. CIBMTR staff are also available to assist. The RSA app works like the SecurID, but the PIN is entered into the user's smartphone. An 8-character code is generated. That code is used to log into the system. Logging into FormsNet3 remains the same.
2018 Oral Abstract Award Recipient
Clinical Research Professionals Data Management Conference 
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
best oral abstract winner was Anderson Joao Simione (Hospital Amaral Carvalho (Brazil)
Kay Gardner of CIBMTR presenting award to:
Anderson Joao Simione 
Hospital Amaral Carvalho (Brazil)

We're excited to announce this year's award for best oral abstract went to Anderson Joao Simione, whose presentation was titled: "The use of adhesive tags as a facilitating tool in the data report of chronic GVHD in a HSCT Center lacking electronic medical records".

Oral abstracts were also presented by:
  • Claudette Edwards (University of Miami Hospital and Clinics, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center)
  • Jill Evans and Kathy Jodarski (Children's Hospital of Wisconsin).

Their presentations can be found on the CIBMTR website, at: 


CIBMTR Forms Instruction Manuals
Recent updates made to the Forms Instruction Manuals are  here.
The following forms were released on May 1st 

Viral Infection (2150)*

Fungal Infection Forms (2046 / 2146)

Sanofi Mozobil Supplemental Form (2565)
2400/2000 Revisions to begin**

2006 Revisions to begin **

* New Form
** Accepting volunteers to help with Form Revision  NOW 

To volunteer for Form Revision review teams, get more information about the upcoming release, or comment on current form revisions, please contact:
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