Have you had a chance to look at the new Data Management Guide?  If you have spent time looking for 'that PDF', not remembering where you found the information before, then you will really appreciate this organized, searchable, printable resource. CIBMTR Training and Data Operations have created this manual to hold relevant instruction in one place. Using the same platform that the Forms Instruction Manual was developed with, the Data Management Guide's functionality and navigation are the same. Images, tables, and Visio flowcharts have been integrated to further explain data reporting and CPI.

The  Data Management Guide  is accessed from the CIBMTR website. Click here to see its landing page.

CIBMTR® (Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant  Research®) is a research collaboration between the National  Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match® and Medical College of  Wisconsin.

Certificate of Completion
Online Training
Moving the modules to the CIBMTR website allows for direct access to online training without having to create an account. Entering your name, email, and center name is all that is needed for the system to track your participation, completion, and score on any graded exams. 
We are seeing more data managers completing the courses, which is wonderful! The courses are also useful for new data manager start-up training and for refreshing your knowledge of form completion. Modules are continually being developed, revised, and added to Online Training.

Several people have requested a Certificate of Completion after passing a graded exam. E xams from the former site have now been added to the modules. Upon taking the exam and passing, the system gives a printable results page with your name and exam score. Click on 'Print Results' to see the questions, your answers, and score, which may serve as your record of completion for your organization.  If you want a more 'authentic' certificate, please email your Results page to: CIBMTR Training and we will send you a Certificate of Completion for your coursework.

Exams have been added to the following eLearning modules:
  • Infusion Data (Form 2006) Reporting Overview
  • MDS Reporting
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Reporting Preparative Regimen on Pre-TED (Form 2400) and Baseline (Form 2000) 

Google - Adobe Flash - and eLearning Repair
An incompatibility between Google and Adobe Flash is effecting the operation of our online training, occasionally making some eLearning modules unable to open and run. If this happens to you, please contact your organization's IT department for assistance and  have them do the following to see if it resolves the issue:
  1. Upgrade your version of the Flash Player to the latest version.
  2. Clear your cache. You can do this in Internet Explorer by going to Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet Files and select Delete Cookies and Delete Files.
  3. Under the Security, Privacy and Advanced tabs, make sure that everything is set to the default settings.
  4. Open a window in Windows Explorer.
  5. Go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View.
  6. Click Show hidden files and folders.
  7. Locate the following folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\your_name\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects
  8. Delete the contents of this folder.
  9. Restart your web browser.
You should also make sure that you are viewing the eLearning on a computer that meets the system requirements.

NEW eLearning

Veno-Occlusive Disease/Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome (VOD/SOS) Form 2553 

Although rare, VOD/SOS is a potentially life-threatening complication of stem cell transplantation. The objectives of this new eLearning are to give the data managers some basic understanding of the physiological components of the disease and the data required for CIBMTR research. 

Located on the Online Training web page of the CIBMTR website, or you can access the eLearning  HERE.

NEW eLearning

Data for RFI (Request for Information)

Coming from CIBMTR Information Technology department and CIBMTR Training, this eLearning will demonstrate an enhanced Qlikview/Excel Workbook feature within the eDBtC platform to produce filterable data sets. (12 minutes long)

Located on the Online Training web page of the CIBMTR website, or you can access the eLearning  HERE.

Bookmarking with Enhanced Data Back to Center (eDBtC) and Center Performance Analytics (CPA)

Say you have a need to create a recurring data extract or report that requires careful selection of multiple Patient, Disease, Transplant or other data dimensions, metrics and filters. You can do this using eDBtC or CPA by bookmarking your selections. Then, instead of having to re-select these items each time you want to run the same report in eDBtC or CPA, your saved selections from an existing bookmark can be rerun. Simply select the bookmark from a drop-down on the applications interface whenever that set of data is needed. If you want to add additional filters to your existing bookmark you can save the updated selections to a new bookmark name.

Here's how to create reports in eDBtC and CPA by saving filters and column selections with bookmarks:
  1. Select any combination of filters or dates you like to get the exact set of data you are looking for.
  2. If you are in the Ad-Hoc tab, select the dimensions and metrics you want to view.
  3. Click the star with a plus sign from the toolbar:
  4. Name the bookmark in the pop-up dialog that appears:
  5. Leave the default options selected in the pop-up and click OK at the bottom of the dialog.
  6. Your bookmark will be saved in the drop-down to the right of the toolbar:
  7. This bookmark can be selected from the drop-down box any time it's needed in the future.
  8. To delete a bookmark, select the bookmark from the drop-down and click the star minus icon.
  9. Bookmarks cannot be edited with the current version of QlikView. To update a bookmark first select it, make changes to the selections and save it as a new bookmark. You can delete the old bookmark, if it is appropriate.
Any selectable QlikView element can be saved in a bookmark. We're happy to answer your questions about bookmarking, just send us an email at Cibmtr-dbtc@mcw.edu

Forms Due for Revision
CIBMTR will be releasing a set of revised forms in FormsNet3 on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 .  A high level summary of changes you will see with the release is available on the CIBMTR website

The revised forms include:
2010 / 2110 - AML Disease Specific Inserts
2011 / 2111 - ALL Disease Specific Inserts
2402 - Disease Classification Form
2046 / 2146 - Fungal Infection Forms
4000 - Pre-Cellular Therapy Essential Data (Pre-CTED)
4006 - Cellular Therapy Infusion Form
4100 - Post-Cellular Therapy Essential Data (Post-CTED)

The following forms are currently being revised / developed for the next release:

Anticipated Release Date
2554 - CMS Registration Form
September 2017
2558 - CMS Sickle Cell Disease Eligibility Form*
September 2017
2565 - Sanofi Mozobil Supplemental Form*
September 2017
2018 / 2118 - Lymphoma Forms
Winter 2017/2018
2402 - Disease Classification
Winter 2017/2018
4150  - Viral Infection Form*
Winter 2017/2018

 *New form

For more information about the upcoming release, or current form revisions, please contact Emilie Love ( emeissne@nmdp.org) and Tiffany Hunt ( thunt@mcw.edu).

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