The count down to the final days of preparation before this year's Clinical Research Professional/Data Manager Conference commences. (See the link to the website in the Quick Links at the bottom of this page). The Mentors' Reception for all Data Managers is scheduled to follow meetings on the first day, Tuesday, February 21 from 5:00 - 6:30 PM, on the St. Augustine: Castillo de San Marcos Fort (Upper Level).  We encourage all data managers to attend this fun social event. This is a great opportunity to network and meet other data managers that you can connect with throughout the year.

CIBMTR® (Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant  Research®) is a research collaboration between the National  Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match® and Medical College of  Wisconsin.

Archived Newsletters and eBlasts
Did you know we have an archive webpage for these? If you missed an announcement or want to refresh your memory about what you've read that was sent by Data Operations or CIBMTR Training, check out this resource.  

Online Training Relocated
The CIBMTR has moved all Data Manager training modules from the NMDP Learning Center to a more convenient online location. What this means for our current and future data managers is that it will not be necessary to create an account to enter any of our courses. Additional time is saved by eliminating the extra steps to access an eLearning because they will open directly from our CIBMTR website. Simply click the access link for the eLearning you want.  At the prompt,  enter your name, email, and organization, which opens the module and tracks your completion each time. Courses are active on the ONLINE TRAINING WEBPAGEWe would like to have your feedback on this change. If you care to comment, please send an email to

NOTE: The Pre-TED 2400 eLearning was due for review and is currently being updated, so the former version was not included in the move. An announcement will be sent whenever new training modules are uploaded. 

NEW eLearning for Cellular Therapy Forms
Last fall, we released an overview training on this subject. Since then professional forums were held where collective decisions were made to revise existing forms, as well as add some new cellular therapy forms. Now, we are presenting a thoroughly new eLearning that will give an e xplanation of the CIBMTR Cellular Therapy data collection forms for new therapies, explain how the forms come due, and what is required for follow-up reporting. You will access the new eLearning from the ONLINE TRAINING webpage.

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