February 2014

The BMT Tandem Meetings are only weeks away. We look forward to having face-to-face time with network attendees.
One of the meeting highlights are the Oral Presentations from Data Managers. Three abstracts were selected as finalists for projects initiated at their centers. This year's presenters will be:

Michelle Carraher, Data Collection and Analysis Coordinator, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA, USA.


"Improved CIBMTR Data Capture Through EMR Based Powerform"


Camilla Roepstorff, RN, Data Manager, Rigshospitalet, Blegdamsvej, Copenhagen, Denmark.


"Accurate Data Entering, A Difficult Task"


Mahendra Yatawara, MBA, Data Manager, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA.  


"Transplant Information Patients System (TIPS)"



The Oral Presentations will be given on Wednesday February 26th from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm.


BMT Tandem Meeting Information 


Wishing you clear skies and safe travel,

CIBMTR Training



After entering the Learning Management System (LMS), use the 'Learn' dropdown in the top teal ribbon to select 'Catalog' - then 'CIBMTR Data Management' to locate the modules.  Courses available: 


How to Set up an LMS Account


LMS Access Help 


Updates & Quick Links
Google is winding down the Google Chrome Frame plug-in and is no longer supporting or updating it as of January 2014. This only affects Internet Explorer 8 users. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 with the Google Chrome Frame plug-in, we recommend switching to a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if possible. For more information regarding the Google Chrome Frame plug-in, go to http://www.google.com/chromeframe.

Prior to 12/3/2007, IBMTR used the Glucksberg (Seattle) criteria published in Transplantation in 1974 (revised by ED Thomas in 1975) for reporting stage and grade of acute GvHD.  Since Dec. 3, 2007, CIBMTR has used the acute GVHD grading system based on the 1994 Consensus Conference published by Przepiorka in Bone Marrow Transplantation in 1995.


It's come to our attention, that some centers may be using the IBMTR Severity Index to report overall grade of acute gvhd.  While a severity index of "A" converts to Grade I & "D" converts to Grade IV based on the Przepiorka criteria, a severity index of "B" or "C" does not easily convert to Grade II or III, respectively. 


If your center uses the IBMTR Severity Index for grading acute gvhd and the recipient is on the TED track, please contact the recipient's BMT physician to determine the overall grade based on the Przepiorka paper.  The overall grade the physician determines is what should be reported on the Post-TED follow-up forms (F2450).  For recipients on the CRF track, please ensure the stage of acute gvhd of each organ (i.e., skin, liver, gut) is accurately reported.


If you have questions, please contact your CRC.



Howdy, y'all - when your mouth is cotton dry and your brain is as fried as a hog on a spit - join us for some unwinding and a gleeful departure 
from heavy thinking with Line Dancing at the Mentor's Reception. Don't know how to dance, you say? Have no fear.  We'll have an extraordinary instructor there to rope us all in and get you kicking up your heels. So, boot up, tie on a bandana, and lose that hitch in your giddy-up with some laughter and easy learnin'. 


Wednesday, February 26th, 5:00 pm

Grapevine, Texas





When opening up a form to edit, I received an error message.  How can I get this error message resolved?   




The error is most likely occurring due to the Product type and Infusion type missing in the Recipient Information Grid (see screenshot below). Since these values are not auto populated when a subsequent transplant is reported, the validation with the core tables causes an error. Data Managers are not able to make this edit themselves. Please report this error message to your CRC, who can have the data added (meaning product type and infusion type) for event dates which have been entered. Then the form will open. 



Send your questions into CIBMTRTraining@nmdp.org . The answer may be in a future newsletter.
Thank you to the contributors for this month's newsletter: 
Tina Thole CRC; Sharon Meiers, Supervisor; and Janet Brunner, PA