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Pollster Lou Harris, newsman Walter Cronkite, and a massive UNIVAC computer gave us an early glimpse of practical computer-driven data science by correctly predicting race after race for the CBS television network in the 1962 US mid-term elections. Fast forward sixty years, and data science touches nearly everything on the planet, from marketing, manufacturing, and medical research to, you guessed it, the upcoming US presidential election on November 6. Whether you're a veteran number cruncher or a budding data scientist, there's a new and expanding universe of technologies and techniques to master. These books will help you get started.

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If you like this sort of thing...

With the US presidential election just days away, the prognosticators are weighing in from all sides. Here's a sample of data science in the spotlight.

HBase in Action 

iOS in Practice 

Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches

Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 

Our newest MEAP--Mondrian in Action

Mondrian, the open source edition of Pentaho Analysis, is a lightning-fast data analysis engine that you can configure to fit into virtually any business data system. In this new MEAP, you'll learn how to design and populate a data warehouse and present the data via a multi-dimensional model. You'll create a Mondrian schema and then expand it to add basic security based on the users' roles. Application developers will learn to integrate with Mondrian using the Java API and to perform web service calls via XML for Analysis.There are three chapters available now, and we'll deliver new and updated chapters as they're written.



  1. Mondrian in Action
  2. Solr in Action
  3. HTML5 in Action
  4. Node.js in Action
  5. Big Data
  6. Functional Programming in Scala
  7. Making Sense of NoSQL
  8. Akka in Action
  9. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
  10. Single Page Web Applications 


  1. Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month
    of Lunches
  2. Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners
  3. Hadoop in Practice 
  4. The Quick Python Book 
  5. Spring in Action, Third Edition
  6. Hadoop in Action
  7. The Well-Grounded Java Developer 
  8. Windows PowerShell in Action
  9. C# in Depth, Second Edition
  10. Dependency Injection in .NET