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A monthly digest of news, events, and opportunities from All In: Data for Community Health, a learning network of communities across the country that are testing exciting new ways to transform health through multi-sector partnerships to share data
New Resources

Data Sharing and the Law: Proceedings from a Deep Dive Workshop on Consent

A Deep Dive workshop at the  All In National Meeting explored how policies and regulations like HIPAA, FERPA, and 42 CFR Part 2 impact consent. DASH and the Network for Public Health Law developed this workshop proceedings report, which shares some of the key takeaways and relevant resources.

Read the report

Case Study: Harris County BUILD Health Partnership

How did one community in Pasadena, TX address food insecurity and high rates of childhood obesity? Follow the Harris County BUILD Health partnership's journey to restructure their local food system to make it healthy, sustainable, and community-supported in a new case study. It highlights how the the collaboration developed multi-sector partnerships, engaged the community, and enhanced access to healthy foods.

All In Funding Opportunities

Apply for DASH CIC-START and Mentor Programs

DASH has released two new funding opportunities for local collaborations - the DASH Mentor Program, which supports participation in small peer-to-peer learning groups led by experienced DASH Mentors over the course of 10 months, and the DASH CIC-START Program, which supports near-term activities that help local collaborations take meaningful steps toward planning or implementing multi-sector data systems.

Coming Soon: BUILD Health Challenge Call for Applications

BUILD is excited to announce that a call for applications will be released in the first quarter of 2019 in search of awardees for its third cohort. The award cycle will kick off in the fall of 2019 and continue for two-and-a-half years. Selected communities will be eligible to receive up to $250,000 in funding, access capacity building support, and join a national peer network

All In  In-Person Events

Connect with All In at APHA!
November 10 - 14 in San Diego, CA

Going to APHA this year? Stop by the  All In  exhibit (Booth #2212) to learn how you can join the network and utilize all the tools and learning opportunities available to members. Be sure to view our  list of All In sessions  at APHA, and  sign up to meet up  with other  All In  members during the event. 

Other Upcoming Events:
  • Culture of Collaboration SummitNovember 28 - 29 in Aurora, CO - All In member Civic Canopy is hosting a two-day summit gathering stakeholders from from across Colorado and beyond to build skills and knowledge around what it takes to ensure healthy and thriving communities.
  • Building a Culture of Health in New JerseyNovember 28 in Somerset, NJ - This event, sponsored by NJHI and featuring presentations from their awardees, aims to share ideas that help improve health, equity and well-being for all residents.
  • Putting Care at the Center ConferenceDecember 5 - 7 in Chicago, IL - All In member Camden Coalition hosts their second annual conference. Visit the All In beehive session to learn about new opportunities and tools we're developing to support data sharing across sectors.
All In  Virtual Events

Webinar: Behind-the-Scenes of the Harris County BUILD Partnership
November 27 from 2 - 3 pm ET

This webinar will highlight how the Harris County BUILD partners came together to leverage each of their individual strengths in a shared vision to address food insecurity and high rates of childhood obesity. Hear from several members of this dynamic team about key learnings, including: cross-sector collaboration, sustainability planning, and where they are today!

Webinar: Data Across Sectors for Health
November 28 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm ET

Join a webinar hosted by the Michigan Public Health Training Center and led by DASH to learn about ways to improve health and promote equity through effective and meaningful data sharing. Presenters will dig into promising practices for sharing data and connecting information systems, as well as how to address barriers to multi-sector collaboration in hopes of uniting across communities to address the social determinants of health. 


Webinar: Sustainably Financing Community Health: Where to Look, When to Pursue, and How to Access Different Sources of Capital
December 6 from 12 - 1:15 pm ET

Those seeking to advance and produce community health often struggle to finance this important work - relying primarily on grants. All In is launching a webinar series to cover sustainable financing, alternative payment models, and tools to help you think about and take steps towards sustaining your multi-sector community work. In this Part 1 webinar, speakers from the Center for Community Investment and Quantified Ventures discuss a range of key questions and alternative models intended to expand knowledge of, comfort level with, and capacity to take advantage of different financing options.

Welcome to All In: Office Hours
November 9 and 15 (Ongoing)

New to All In and have questions about the network or the platform? Join us for "office hours," an informal, interactive "ask me anything" introduction to All In and the online community. 

All In Podcast

Capturing the Community Voices Behind the Data in Denver, CO

Podcast host Peter Eckart joined Jodi Hardin of the Denver collaboration East5ide Unified during a site visit for their DASH CIC-START project, which is harnessing community member and partner perspectives to move from talk to action around measures, indicators and data-informed decision-making. 

Partnering with Residents to Improve Asthma through Housing in Greensboro, NC

Josie Williams joined the podcast to discuss a BUILD-funded project called "Collaborative Cottage Grove" that is fostering resident-led efforts to improve poor housing conditions that are leading to asthma-related emergency department visits in Greensboro, NC. Guided by resident voices, Williams is working with multi-sector partners to map asthma hospital visits and housing condition data to identify areas in need of support. 

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Latest Community Updates

Recent Discussion Forum Topics

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All In Shout Outs

Video: Highlighting Innovations in Public Health

Nine PHNCI awardees are implementing cross-sector innovations in health equity, data collection and analytics, and other areas. Hear three grantees describe how their public health innovations are positively impacting their communities.

San Diego Collaborative Yields More Than $86M in Savings for Hospital

Be There San Diego, a partner in the CACHI-funded San Diego Accountable Community for Health, released a newly published study that highlights a 22% drop over 5 years in the number of local heart attack hospitalizations.

Replicating a Digital Community Engagement Innovation

With support from RWJF, and in collaboration with the Garrett County Health Department, PHNCI has awarded innovation replication grants to five health departments to develop and implement the Universal Community Planning Tool in their own communities. 

Newark Gets and Gives 'Best Practice' Models to Improve City's Health

This video and story features Believe in a Healthy Newark, a NJHI awardee who convened national experts from community organizations, social service agencies, academia, health care organizations, philanthropy and government to explore proven solutions and best practices.

Project Spotlights

Developing Multidisciplinary Networks to Address Equity

With support from PHNCI, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Office of Health Equity is testing a variety of strategies to build buy-in for using a health in all policies approach to address equity across state agencies and improve social determinants of health.  

Shaping Elizabeth Community Health Initiative

By addressing the health behaviors facilitating high rates of chronic disease, the Shaping Elizabeth coalition, a NJHI awardee, is improving health outcomes for youth and adults. The coalition's Blueprint for Action emphasizes goals of diabetes reduction, HIV prevention, and expanding its Mobile Market program to improve residents' access to healthy foods.

Additional Opportunities

Funding / Technical Assistance Opportunities
  • DASH Mentor Program: Due November 9 - This program is awarding up to 30 "Mentees" with $5,000 each to support participation in small peer-to-peer learning groups led by experienced DASH Mentors over the course of 10 months. 
  • DASH CIC-START: Due November 16 - This program is awarding contracts of up to $25,000 to support near-term activities that help local collaborations take meaningful steps toward planning or implementing multi-sector data systems. 
  • Visualizing and Powering Healthy Lives: Due November 16 - The Urban Institute and RWJF have partnered to launch two $1 million funding opportunities that leverage life expectancy data to explore how communities can address health disparities.
  • CCI Catalyst Program: Due November 16 - During this six-month capability building program, Catalysts learn and practice "design thinking," also known as "human-centered design," to explore strategic challenges within their organizations. 
  • AISP Learning Community: Due November 19 - AISP is recruiting a new cohort for this 18-month training and technical assistance program that helps states and counties develop and implement integrated data systems.
  • NACCHO Model Practices Program: Due December 12 - This program nationally honors and recognizes outstanding local public health practices and promotes the sharing of these outstanding practices among local health departments.
  • Health Data for Action: Due December 14 - This RWJF-funded program, supported by AcademyHealth, is enabling relevant, innovative, and actionable research by offering access to four valuable health datasets.
  • Healthiest Communities Data Challenge: Due January 17 - This prize recognizes big ideas that empower citizens, health care leaders and officials to make decisions about policies and practices that can improve health outcomes for all.
Presentation Opportunities
  • 2019 NNPHI Annual ConferenceDue November 16 - Apply to present on innovative topics in public health that relate to the conference theme, "From Ideas to Innovation: Partnerships, Policy and Practice." 
  • AHA Leadership Summit: Due December 10 - Apply to present on how health care organizations can achieve financial sustainability while delivering greater value through operational excellence, creative partnerships, and new delivery models.
  • All In Project Showcase Webinar Series Ongoing  All In  is seeking applications for our project showcase webinar series, which features community collaborations sharing multi-sector data to address the social determinants of health. 

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