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This Issue - MYOB Compliance Upgrade Guide for WMS Administrators

Welcome to another End Of Financial Year and the Datapel Engage Newsletter - for  users, customers and subscribers. As you are probably aware, there are important changes that need to be applied to your MYOB accounting software before running your next pay runs. To ensure you maintain the right connection with your DATAPEL Software there are some important steps that your administrator needs to follow. To assist you in this we have provided a step-by-step guide with links to our support system. 

MYOB Australia have advised that a 2016/2017 Compliance Release is now available for AccountRight Users.  For more information direct from MYOB and help on installing the   Compliance Update click this link. 

How do I access the Compliance Release?

The compliance update is only available from MYOB Australia. You can download the Compliance Release via  MYOB Australia  under My Products.

The Compliance Release will be sent to you direct from MYOB on DVD if you have a current support plan. If you are unable to access the download, please call MYOB Customer Service.

Datapel Customer Support will not be able to provide links or downloads for these products.

How does this affect my Datapel Warehouse Management System?

From time to time changes in the MYOB accounting application require changes to be made to the Datapel Warehouse Management System application or product configuration settings.

Do I need to upgrade my Datapel Warehouse Management System?

For most users the MYOB compliance update WILL NOT REQUIRE AN UPGRADE of the Datapel Systems Warehouse Management System.

Product version
9 . 1 .1 01 or 10.2.100 and above will be compatible - to check your WMS product version choose Help and About...

However your Datapel product is linked to your MYOB Companyfile and any changes may require setting updates within the Datapel Systems application. It is important that the below upgrade procedure is followed to ensure connectivity between Datapel WMS and the updated MYOB Companyfile is maintained.

When do settings need to change?

New MYOB has new installation path  C:\PremierClassic instead of usual C:\Premier folder.
Once you install the latest MYOB version update new MYOB install path as per Support Note.
In all cases, if the MYOB Companyfile folder or file name is changed as a result of the upgrade process you MUST MAKE UPDATES to the connectivity settings within the Datapel Systems WMS for data replications to work correctly.

We strongly recommend you replace the prior year file with the newly upgraded file, changing the name back to the original MYOB Companyfile name after the upgrade process to ensure connectivity is maintained.

By carefully following the instructions below you can avoid any potential downtime due to lost connectivity between the WMS and newly upgraded MYOB Companyfile.

Our MYOB Companyfile name contains the current financial year?

If your working MYOB Companyfile contains the financial year then you will need to update settings within the WMS application.

Please review the
 Support Note  outlining how to link your WMS to a renamed or recently moved MYOB Companyfile.

You should consider creating a working folder called "current" within an MYOBDATA folder to ensure that all users know where the "latest" Companyfile is stored.
This also avoids mix ups with last years file or temporarily restored MYOB Companyfiles used for historic look up purposes only.

Can I create a new folder for the upgraded MYOB Companyfile?

Yes you can and this will require that your WMS configuration is updated to link to the new folder and MYOB Companyfile as shown above.

When moving files it is VERY IMPORTANT to check with your IT CONSULTANT as special permissions maybe set on the existing folder and file contents that should be applied to any new folders in order to keep things working.

What happens if replication fails after the MYOB upgrade?

Don't panic, its is EXTREMELY unlikely that you will lose any data from either MYOB or WMS if you have followed the BACKUP STEPS shown below. Sales information and most operational aspects of your business can run within the Datapel WMS application without requiring any real-time access to the MYOB Companyfile.

Email   and confirm the steps you have already completed and a response with recommended next steps will be provided.

What if MYOB's Phone lines are blocked and I am unsure about upgrading MYOB?

Unfortunately Datapel do not provide MYOB consulting services - we recommend you book a slot with an MYOB Consultant to identify everything that your business needs to complete End of Financial Year administration prior to any critical deadlines.

We at Datapel can not provide any EOFY accounting or bookkeeping advice so strongly recommend you attend to this manner with your accountant or consultant.

MYOB AccountRight Upgrade Procedure for WMS Administrators

The following instructions relate to upgrading from any v19 to v19. 14
If you use an IT Consultant to assist with End Of Year upgrades please forward this important information to them immediately .
Check you have Datapel Warehouse Management System version 9.1.101 or above installed prior to upgrading to MYOB AccountRight v19. 14 . Please contact Datapel Support promptly if you are on a version prior to 9.1.101 and request an update.

Upgrade Process

You will need to have the MYOB Compliance Update downloaded or available on DVD/CDROM. It is also recommended you locate the previous years installation package should you need to rollback your upgrade for any reason.

Before you begin

  • Backup your WMS Workspace and MYOB Companyfile before upgrading.

Install the compliance update

  • Install your MYOB Compliance Update following the MYOB provided instructions.
  • DELETING any old file is NEVER recommended
  • ALWAYS COPY and PASTE over the OLD COMPANYFILE as this will preserve any security settings that may be applied directly to the MYOB Companyfile by your IT administrators.
  • Before upgrading make sure ALL users are OUT of the MYOB program and WMS program - delete all .LCK files that might exist in the Companyfile folder.
  • Always upgrade your existing MYOB Companyfile from a COPY and once the upgrade completes replace the old (previous version) Companyfile with the upgraded file (both MYO and .BOX file) remember to Replace The Old COMPANYFILE with the Upgraded COMPANYFILE using exactly the SAME FILE NAME and PATH if possible.
  • Now follow the instructions provided by MYOB Support on upgrading your MYOB Companyfile keeping in mind the previous step.
  • Manually update any SHORTCUTS to reference the correct MYOB folders and product versions.
  • Some server configurations have a file in the Premier19 or Enterprise19 folder called wms-myob.exe, this file must be DELETED and replaced with a copy of the MYOBP.EXE file. Please follow the support note
  • Update new myob path in WMS ini file. Please follow the support note
  • Now open WMS and check the connection between Datapel WMS and MYOB works by performing a MAINTENANCE REPLICATION.
  • Perform another backup of both WMS and the newly upgraded MYOB Companyfile.
  • It's back to business as usual...   

Payroll Year-end Rollover

You will not be able to start entering payroll transactions in July until you have rolled over the payroll year. However, once you have rolled the payroll year over you will not be able to print payment summaries for the prior year. 
You should print the payment summaries before you roll the payroll year over, or you can use the prior year file we created above. Once the payment summaries have been printed you can roll the payroll year over through File-Start a New Year. 

Financial Year End Rollover

You should not roll over the financial year until final tax entries for the current year have been received from the tax accountant and entered. Keep the "current year" as the previous financial year and just run reports for "Next Year" until the Tax Return has been finalized. Before you roll over you should make sure you get any tax entries from the tax accountant for the current financial year before you roll over, otherwise you will not be able to run any profit and loss reports for the new financial year. 

Need More Help?

For further assistance with keeping your Datapel Warehouse Management System connected to the latest MYOB compliance update please
Ivanti  INTERCHANGE EVENT 2017  Event in Melbourne  & Sydney

Datapel are delighted to be invited as guest speakers - we will be detailing our technology and on-the-ground experience enabling a warehouse of over 25 workers from paper-based to paperless picking using the new Ivanti Velocity Android enabling clients.  

Harnessing Ivanti supply chain solutions software and bring it to life: Hear how one of Ivanti's ISV's has embraced their product sets and enables market leading companies to embrace the modern graphical Android based solutions Adam Wesley, Managing Director

As this is a partner only event we look forward to sharing the highlights with our customers later in the year.  
Getting Ready for your Warehouse Inventory Count...

Preparation is the key to a successful stock count... here are some basic steps to follow in order to complete a stock count with minimal fuss.

 Always have a champion or project leader that will co-ordinate the overall activity. If possible have a Counter Team Leader, and Data Entry/Analysis Team Leader.
Have an activity plan and time-line, with realistic allocation of resources - you may need to pull in friends and family - counting stock is not complicated and many hands make light work.
 Realistically - you will need to "lock down" operations while the count is in progress - make sure you are prepared for any potential down-time while compiling and committing count results. Rushing this stage can undermine the entire process making it a literal waste of time.
The count process should be systematic and if possible use your inventory system to provide real-time feedback on count variance - that is - the difference between what you have counted and what you think you have onhand. Any big variances can indicate count errors and selective recounts are recommended to maintain the quality of the process.
Before "snap-shotting" your inventory make sure all received orders are closed and all shipped orders are cleared from both the system and physically. If that's not possible then quarantine the articles that should not be counted.
 Tag every unique stock group with a colour sticky note - as the count completes - either remove or change the colour so all counters can visually see what is complete and what is To Do.

Want to know more? please email as we will be running a free 40 min webinar on Simple Stock Counting using Datapel WMS and ICXE and also be discussing the Datapel Advanced Stock Count Manager for those that need a fully auditable stock count process.