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DS|Manage360 v3.44  Update
What's been added, improved, and changed:
  1. CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULING - Manage360 will now show your landscape construction jobs on the calendar. Using the start date specified when winning an estimate as a starting point, Manage360 will calculate the end date based on the total labor hours for the job, the default working days, the default working hours per day, and the assigned crew. Adjustments to the job start and end dates will be reflected on the calendar and will not affect the total labor hours of the job.
  2. Maintenance Estimating - Maintenance proposals will now show the total price of all included services before listing optional, as needed, and on demand services to better reflect that those would result in additional billing.
  3. Contract Dates - has been added as a new option for maintenance proposals. When enabled, the contract start and end dates will be included to the right of the Contract Services section header.
  4. Estimate Lost - Construction estimates now have a new action available. "Estimate Lost" will now be along side "Estimate Won" in the action menu. This new action will deactivate the estimate (and the estimate's other versions) and close the opportunity with the reason, date, and comments that you specify.
  5. Change Orders - An entire work area can now be deleted via a Change Order by using the trash can beside the work area name on the Delete Items popup. Since a job must contain at least one work area, the last work area can not be deleted.
  6. Locking Invoices - Viewing invoices created before a sales tax rate change will show the tax rate when the invoice was created and saving or printing will not cause a tax recalculation. Invoices posted to QuickBooks are now read-only.
  7. Sales Performance Report - The Sales Performance Report now includes the customer name. And,  will now only include winning/losing estimates in the won/lost totals.
  8. Costbook Improvements - Change Fixed Price has been added to Plant and Material Common Actions. A new fixed price can be set or cleared for selected items or it can be adjusted by a percent or amount. If a plant or material has a fixed price, it will be displayed on the list page in the Costbook.
  9. Maintenance SchedulingOn the scheduling calendar, Work Orders that exceed the end of the work day will now be split so that the remaining work will fall over into the subsequent work day(s).

  • Auto-mapping in the QuickBooks Connector has been improved for customer names.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause an unnecessary sync of newly imported QuickBooks customers without any changes being made to the account in Manage360.
  • Improved invoice generation functions.
  • The system will now prevent changes to the status of an opportunity if that opportunity contains estimates.  You must win or lose the estimate(s) in order to change the opportunity's status.  Opportunities without estimates will allow status changes. 
  • Added a link to the job for approved construction estimates. Expired estimates will now show the number of days overdue when the page loads rather than a negative number.
  • Fixed the Equipment Is Rented tooltip in the Costbook to accurately reflect its effect on purchasing tax.
  • Supplier names will no longer be appended to item names on Work Orders.
    Attempting to delete a labor type used as production labor on a plant size or material will give a more helpful error message.
  • Resolved an issue that could prevent timesheets submitted from the mobile app from being set ready for approval.
  • On the work order screen, the action menu item "Detach from Route Occurrence" will no longer appear for users without the maintenance module installed.
  • Fixed the grammar of an error message in the QuickBooks Connector when a supplier with the same name existed in both systems.
  • An improved data retrieval technology has been rolled out to Employees, Configuration Settings, Costbook Services, and Service Categories to reduce page load times.
  • Company Information now allows specifying separate mailing and physical addresses. The mailing address will be used on proposals and invoices and the physical address will be used as the default starting and ending locations for routes.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause a kit name to include the word "undefined" when changing the lead item on an existing work order.
  • Completed visits on multiple timesheets will no longer show more than once in the list of billable items.
  • When creating an estimate, it is no longer possible to select an opportunity that already contains another estimate.
  •  Resolved an issue that could cause the mobile app to intermittently shift clock in times and appear to be in another timezone when viewed in Manage.
Special Note:  Some of the updates in this next release of DS|Manage360 are for clients who have added the Maintenance module, and/or the Mobile App module. If you are interested in adding the Maintenance or Mobile App module, please contact one of our account managers 1.800.710.1900 x2 or .

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