Pamela Meyer is the Member Support Specialist at NWACA. She has been working this position since June 1st, 2016.

Her favorite part of the job is the opportunity she has had to get to know some fantastic members and build relationships with them that enriches her life. She also adds, "I learn so much from the members that allows me to help other members, I really like being able to help others. I truly care for the members."

When Pamela isn't working, she loves to travel, garden, cook, go to concerts and spend time with her adult children. "My biggest passion is being in the backyard in the summer months, I spend hours working in my yard from May to September."

Interesting fact you don't know about her:
My legal spelling of my first name is Pamilia. My Italian grandmother had a hand in that and she passed away when I was young. I did not know this until I got my birth certificate later in life.