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Update on the Vancouver Boat Show
Since formally announcing the cancellation of the 2021 in-person Vancouver Boat Show in October, Boating BC has been working collectively with Canadian Boat Shows to chart the best direction for connecting its members with the boating community who attend the show each year. 

Boating BC looked at options for smaller regional shows, all outdoor regional shows, social/digital campaigns and virtual platforms. 

After a thorough assessment of different opportunities and the current impact of Covid-19, Boating BC is excited about the new direction for 2021!
Announcing the VIRTUAL Vancouver Boat Show - February 24-27!
VIBS Virtual
We are pleased to announce the Vancouver International Boat Show has finalized plans for its 2021 Virtual Show! 
The dates will be February 24 - 27, 2021.
We have researched and experienced more than 50 software options and virtual shows. Our objective has been to select the best platform for all Exhibitors and Consumers - with a specific set of criteria to guide us.
  • Provide a platform that would be inclusive of all Exhibitors who exhibited in the 2020 Show - while highlighting exhibitors who commit to the virtual features and want to maximize their results
  • Provide an opportunity for new Exhibitors, products & services, who were planning to exhibit in 2021 and not able to due to the show's cancellation
  • Simple for all users - Exhibitors and Consumers
  • Provide a range of options for Exhibitor participation - we know each will have unique preferences for how much you want to do and can do. One size does not fit all!
  • Help connect Consumers with Exhibitors - so that you can showcase, promote and tell your story...about your business, products & services
  • Provide a platform and process for Exhibitors to generate leads, sales and future business - and measure your results in real time
  • Continue promoting the Boating Lifestyle to future customers, and a path to become boaters
  • Continue growing boater engagement. Help existing boaters to boat more and explore
  • Include an opportunity for boaters to get answers to their questions, and continue connecting them with resources so they will stay in the boating lifestyle
  • A platform that would serve the short-term needs for 2021, as well as a hybrid model for the show when the in-person event returns in 2022 and the future!
  • We had several more objectives and found them all with our chosen platform - we want you to keep reading, so will stop our list here!
Unity Event Solutions is a supplier that Canadian Boat Shows has been working with the past two years, on both the Vancouver International Boat Show and Toronto International Boat Show. Unity has been the Show's APP, Exhibitor Badge Registration and Live Seminar Video Boards. Plus, in Toronto, the livestream of our Indoor Lake and all programming was through Unity.
Unity developed a Virtual Show many years ago and utilized it for their own shows first. They are a show producer that understands in-person events; they are a technology company that developed a virtual platform to compliment in-person shows; and they're boaters!
We are excited to be moving forward with the selected platform and what it will provide for Exhibitors and Consumers. We look forward to working with you to develop your Virtual spaces!
For now - please mark your calendar, February 24 - 27, 2021!
Applications For VIRTUAL SPACE
There will be 3 Virtual Space Packages (for Exhibitors who want to participate beyond a complimentary traditional listing that will be provided for 2020 Exhibitors).
The prices will range from $500 - $3,500.
There will be a limited number of extra feature and sponsorship opportunities for Exhibitors who are seeking exposure beyond the virtual show space.
More information will follow next week via the Exhibitor Newsletter, which will include details on package benefits, costing, additional opportunities and platform screenshots.
Exhibitors will receive an email next week directly from Eric Nicholl, which will include the application package and instructions.
If you have any questions before receiving your Virtual Show application, please let us know!

Eric Nicholl, 604-882-8024 /
Linda Waddell, 905-951-4051 /
Cynthia Hare, 905-951-4054 /
Wendy McCarroll, 905-951-0009 / 
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