April 2, 2019
Thank You for Your Service to AESA
Executive Council Welcomes New Members
and Thanks Others for their Service

At the March executive council meeting, new members were welcomed as veteran members completed their terms of service.

Who's Who?
Shown in the pictures above are Joan Wade, AESA Executive Director, (left in each picture) with Phoebe Bailey, Director of Southwest Arkansas Educational Cooperative and AESA Past-President. They presented appreciation gifts to Jeremy Kovash, Executive Director Lakes Country Service Cooperative, MN (photo 1);  Sheryl Weinberg, Executive Director, SERRC, AK (photo 2); and Jeff West, Educational Service Unit 13, NE (photo 3). All three have completed their Executive Council service.

In the fourth photo, Jill Broussard, School Superintendent, Pinal County, AZ is welcomed as the new AESA President. She presented Phoebe Bailey, outgoing President, with an appreciation gift. Ms. Bailey will serve as Executive Council Past-President.
Welcome to our newest Executive Council members left to right: John Welch, Superintendent Puget Sound ESD, WA.; Jeff Goldhorn, Executive Director Region 20 ESC, TX; Jeremy Biehl, Executive Director CESA 5, WI; and Craig Buford, Executive Director Ohio Educational Service Centers Association.
We Could Sure Use Your Help!
Please Update Your Organization's
Membership Directory Information
Attention Executive Directors, Chief Financial Officers and/or Executive Administrative Assistants!

 AESA values you as a member of our national association. We are currently in the process of updating our member directory and we need your help! We’ve had many ESAs complete the online form, but still have quite a few that we haven’t heard from.

If you haven’t already done so, please use this online form to submit your current contact/logistical information. Please Note: This information is for our purposes only. We will not share it with anyone else. 

We sincerely appreciate the work that you do in your ESA to make education be the best it can be for all learners!
Dates to Remember
Now through April 23, 2019
Breakout Session Proposals from members are being accepted for the AESA Annual Conference, which will be held December 4-7, 2019.

April 16 - June 16, 2019
Who do you know who's deserving of one of these recognitions? We want to hear from you!

Now through May 15
Executive in Residence application window open!

July 15-18, 2019
This year's theme: Make An Impact: ESAs Leading the Way for Stronger Communities
Federal Advocacy Update
IDEA Legislation Update
Thank you to all the ESA leaders who contacted their members of Congress about the IDEA legislation. We now have not one, but TWO bipartisan IDEA funding bills, one in the House and one in the Senate! 

AESA leads an IDEA coalition of 24 education organizations to advocate on full funding for IDEA.  

AESA's Federal Advocacy Papers
The AESA Legislative Agenda and Legislative Priorities were approved by the Executive Council at its March, 2019 meeting.

Thank you to the members who participated in the Federal Advocacy Committee meeting in January. Through this committee, members help shape these documents which in turn, guide the work of AESA's federal legislative liaisons in Washington, D.C.
Summer Leadership Conference
Make an Impact!
Hear the stories of ESAs who have made a difference in their communities and how your organization can too!
Make your plans to attend AESA's
AESA has a new registration system, AESA Connect!
AESA staff has worked with business partner, MindShine, to develop a registration system that we hope you will find streamlined and user friendly.

Get started.

Note: This is the link to register for the Summer Leadership Conference. (You don't have to register for the event, but to use the system, everyone has to have a user profile. This link will help you do that.)

Scroll down and click on the “Sign Up” link and follow the directions to create a user profile. You will be prompted with further directions.

To register for events, all users must first create a user profile in the new system. Each user must have a unique email address (you cannot use the same address for multiple users) and a password. If you will be making your own registrations for AESA events, scroll down to sign-up, and follow the directions.

ESAs May Designate an Registration Administrator: Registering multiple users from one organization
Many ESAs prefer to have one person create multiple registrations. If you have someone in your organization, such as an administrative assistant, who is responsible for registering multiple participants for events, he or she should:

  1. Create his/her own user profile, then
  2. Contact Ann Fiene, AESA Executive Assistant. She will designate him/her as the organization’s registration administrator.

Registration administrators will have the ability to create profiles and register multiple
users for events. We encourage you to do this sooner rather than later before the Summer Leadership Conference and Annual Conference registration process gets busy and it may take AESA staff longer to reply.

Another feature of this new system is that the registrant will not only receive a confirmation of their registration but will also receive a credit card receipt in a separate email.

To prevent the verifications, confirmations, and receipts from being blocked by your network security we recommend that you (or your IT department) whitelist (add to your contacts) the following email address: aesasystem@gmail.com.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the new system, please contact Ann Fiene.
Business Partner Case Story:
Adding Value to ESAs through Partnerships