Dave & Sue Whitlock's Update

April 8, 2018


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The short rainy season in Kenya usually start the end of December until February. The long rains usually begin after that and continue to the middle of May. We have had no rain this year. Right now the Narok River is 1 foot wide and 2 inches deep. In some spots it is completely dry. If the rains do not start soon, there will be a food shortage. There has been an ongoing Cholera problem for a couple of months. The livestock and people in some areas are already in a drought crisis and there have been many deaths. Some people have already planted crops and if we don't get rain soon it will all be lost.

The water is being rationed and because the electricity is from hydro power it will be rationed; very soon.

The students have completed the first term and exams and are returning home for the rest of the month. Please pray for safety as they travel to and from and, provisions while they are home.

We are preparing to return to the States in May for furlough. As we continue preparation for the staff to run operations and programs while we are gone, pack the house and say our good byes extra prayers are appreciated during this transition time.

The county has been preparing for the President to come to Narok in June so they are fixing some of the roads. Ours is one of them. I came home last Tuesday and no one could get in their drive ways. I have had to park the truck in town in an area with security and walk back and forth everyday. Please pray things are fixed by the end of the month or we will have to find a secure place to leave the truck while we are away.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you.

Driveway into Garage

River Bed

To His Service,  
Dave & Sue Whitlock 
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