Dave & Sue Whitlock's Update

December 17, 2018


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Now the rest of the story of Job....

Early this week this information was brought to my attention. I was speechless for several seconds, when I heard the story.

A 45-year-old widowed Kenyan woman had lost her 16-year-old son. She was depressed and was seriously contemplating suicide. A local pastor heard of this and went to visit her; she told him that she was going to commit suicide. This woman has 4 other children, but she couldn't get over the pain of losing her son. And felt she had nowhere to turn.

The Pastor made a deal with her, please take this audio Bible and listen to it, and don't commit suicide. A few days later he came to visit her, she was very happy, and had noticeable joy. She began asking him questions about the book of Job. The Pastor answered most of her questions. She then stated she had listened to the book of Job many, many times. "Each time I get something new."

She then told the Pastor that her grief, is very minor compared to what happen to Job. She now can move forward in life knowing what Job went through. Thou she admitted that she still thinks of her son, but suicide is no longer an option.

She is now attending church on Sunday, with her other 4 children. Within just two weeks, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

She is now leading a Bible study of approximately 20 neighbors at her home twice a week.
She told the Pastor that someday she wants to preach on Sunday at the church.

When we started the audio Bible ministry it was to get Kenyans to come to Christ and grow in Christ. Saving someone from committing suicide was never even thought of.

Sometimes I think we put Jesus in a box, and we have no idea what he has planned. We have a God of miracles and wonders. I believe we have just witnessed one.

I want to thank you for supporting this audio Bible ministry; all of you have just saved a human life. We have also added another person to God's family.

What a great Christmas gift.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

To His Service,  
Dave & Sue Whitlock                                                     
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