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David Lee Filbeck Legacy Fund
 Honoring the past, Forging the Futu re
One of David's first Bible students, Mr. Khamai Chaisin preached the memorial sermon,

On June 16, we gathered together at the Ban Ta Christian Church to celebrate the life and ministry of Dr. David L. Filbeck.   It was a time of joy as so many who had been impacted by his life came to share their stories and memories. Over and over again, we heard people say; "David always encouraged them  to continue to serve; to not grow weary in sharing  the Gospel and caring for the Lord's people."
To honor David's 60 years of Kingdom Service the Board of Directors for CMO have established the David Lee Filbeck Memorial Fund to help support evangelism and community outreach among the Lua people of North Thailand.
Evangelist Prawanwit Kanisakol give the Eulogy
The Lua people were David's passion in ministry and service. This fund seeks to honor this legacy of service by providing funding for Christian outreach and community development among the Lua People of North Thailand and Laos. Through this fund the Filbeck family strives to continue to serve the Lua people through programs that will lift the Lua out of poverty and lead the Lua church to self sufficiency.

A team of three graduates of Lanna Theological Center have committed to returning to Nan province to serve among the Lua people. This team will be under the mentorship of David A. (son) and Sharon Filbeck. Their goals are:

1. To strengthen existing churches in Lua villages by mentoring lay leaders in each church.
2. To evangelize unchurched villages and communities.
3. To d
Faithful believers worship at Nam Mao village church.
evelop and implement youth activities in schools and dormitories.
4. To develop and implement sustainability programs for Lua Christians and churches.

The team presented a budget of $9,000 for 2020.  This amount would cover full time salaries for three families and gas money for traveling and buying resources such as Bibles and Study guides.    
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Passing the Baton: A renewed Determination
Tuan (Best) and Tippawan and Children
Mr. Tuan (Best) is the leader of the team. He and his wife Tippawan (and two small children) have been serving in a church located in Chiang Mai city. Following the memorial service Mr. Tuan and 2 other LTC alumni from the Lua tribe came to see Carmen Filbeck at LTC.   On this day they came with heavy hearts and a determined spirit.  They were concerned that the current leadership in the Lua church was aging, and there was a need for the next generation of leaders to step up. They knew that that David had sent them to study at LTC in hopes that they would return to their people as leaders in church and community. They realized that their serving in larger churches and organizations in Chiang Mai had provided them with the maturity and experience required to go home and serve their people.
All thre
Tuan (back row left) praying for birthday celebration of church members. He has resigned from this church effective December 31, 2019 to return to work with the Lua church
e kept saying over and over again.... "We will not let the Work of Teacher Father die.  We will not let the problems of the past be an obstacle to service.   We will take responsibility and care for the Believers."    
Tuan submitted his resignation to the church he is serving. His last day will be December 31, 2019. Ms. Phim Pa and Ms. Benz have already returned to their remote village on the Thai-lao border. Their determination is inspiring as none of them have any means or promise of support. They are truly stepping out in faith.

Your donation to the David Lee Filbeck legacy fund will help provide support for Tuan and Tippawan as they step out on faith.  


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