Much has transpired since our last letter, death threats & accusations of racism were fired at our shield of faith when opposition oligarch Dimitri Vorbe, attacked us for publicly naming him a terrorist . through his social media & digital communications network,

 Vorbe was served with an arrest warrant for fraud against Haitian government and fled Haiti within days of his attack on us!
Yvonne's response

Sixteen months of oligarch sponsored terrorism of 11 million Haitians by armed militias has closed schools, hospitals, markets & churches, because greedy corrupt contracts that kicked backed funds to the Haitian government and did not deliver services were refused by President Jovenel who has a vision of real development for Haiti!

David w Goliath head
The war is over

Today, the tidal wave of terrorism has suddenly ceased with Vorbe’s departure and his failure to continue paying his militias. National Route 1 to the North, National Route 3 to the North & National Route 2 to the South are safe & secure.

Supply chains are open; fuel & food are again being transported throughout Haiti; and schools threatened since September are reopening.
This is a great miracle for us, Haiti and President Jovenel; we thought US or UN troops would bring peace, but it is a David slays Goliath victory as you stood with us in prayer; and President Jovenel stood in unflinching courage against a giant and by God's grace we stood with him. God orchestrated this incredible Christmas gift of peace for the land of our calling. Hallelujah!

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