After 22 years Lily's has changed
the format of the emails you will receive. Ideally easier to read and spaced a bit better.
So here goes with the 1st newly formatted email...
Highlighting several unique professional Hair Products made by Davines from Italy. In stock NOW!
The Nourishing Oil is designed for
the Hair, Face and Body!
The Nourishing Oil contains Sunflower Oil used for its moisturizing and nutritious properties.

The hair is soft, shiny and silky. The skin of the body is nourished and velvety.
This multi-functional product does it all and is filled with a lot of oil!
$44.00 (4.73 oz.)

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The Sea Salt Scrub Shampoo is an innovative product to exfoliate the
SCALP and then WASH the HAIR!
The Scrub Shampoo refreshes the scalp, removes product residue and unclogs the pores. A combination scrub AND shampoo. Winner of Women's Health 2020 for best clarifying treatment.
2 sizes - $16.00 (3.57 oz) ~ $44.00 (11.9 oz.)

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Liquid Spell is a leave-on treatment
to strengthen fine hair.

Liquid Spell strengthens and compacts the hair structure giving vitality and body.

The hair looks healthier, silky and naturally shiny. Liquid Spell
gives you more hair!
$45.00 (4.22 oz.)

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The Dry Shampoo keeps your hair looking good for days without washing!
Designed to revive and cleanse hair without water. This light, freshly-scented powdery mist absorbs oil and creates volume without water.
$30.00 (5.07 oz.)

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The Texturizing Serum is the perfect choice for creating body, structure and shape.

Lets you achieve
a texturizing effect without giving up softness or
$25.00 (5.07 oz.)

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Davines Hair Masks for every
day of the week!
Detox Mask on Sunday? Energy uplift Mask on Wednesday? Add shine on Friday? Other days maybe you just want a quick Mask? 6 Masks to choose from and at $10.00 each, who can buy just one?
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product and read more and order.

Spotlight Circle Mask - Gives extra shine, polishes and smooths, highly conditioning and deeply moisturizes without weighing hair down.

Renaissance Circle Mask - Gives new life to very damaged hair. Restores a healthy look to the hair, giving it shine and nourishment.

Purity Circle Mask - Revitalizing, detoxifying and anti-oxidant mask for the scalp and hair. It eliminates impurities for a purifying routine.

Quick-Fix Circle Mask - A regenerating, multi-tasking hair mask with immediate action. In just 3 minutes it hydrates and de-tangles hair.

Restless Circle Mask - An invisible mask for those who want to take care of their hair while carrying out other activities. Gives body.

Wakeup Circle Mask - This invigorating mask gives energy and volume to dull hair and restores tone and hydration to the scalp.

And don't forget the Mini-Sizes of
Shampoo and Conditioner for travel!

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Nou Nou Shampoo:
For color-treated hair and proven to prolong color's vibrancy. Nourishes, restores strength, body and shine.
2.5 oz. - $14.00
Oi Shampoo:
For all hair types that need beautifying.
This milky-smooth shampoo leaves your hair beautifully healthy.
3.04 oz. - $15.00 
Love Shampoo:
For frizzy and unruly hair that needs smoothing. Intensive moisturizing and smoothing actions.
2.5 oz. - $14.00
More Mini Sizes:
Melu Shampoo - Protects long hair from breaking. Strengthens the hair and makes it easier to comb.
2.05 oz. - $14.00
Love Curl Shampoo - Curl enhancing and taming shampoo for wavy or curly hair. Gives shine and manageability. 2.5 oz. - $14.00

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Hampton Sun, the finest NATURAL
sun protection you'll ever find.
Not too late to purchase, with expiration dates 4/21 and thereafter!

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Hampton Sun.
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