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Morning Call Publication from the Davis Waldorf School
July 2018

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Thank You 
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McGuire Capitol Group Realty

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Richard A. Mandelaris Pediatric Dentistry

Smiles of Winters Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Yolo Federal 
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Your sponsorship & donations were critical in the success of our Fundraising Goals

Thank you!!
DWS in 3D! 
Shifting to a New Administrative Model

We are pleased to complete an over two year long process spearheaded by our previous Administrator, Tina Rheault, to shift our administration from a traditional Administrator-led governance model to a collaborative approach. Thank you!! We are now using three people to cover the many facets of Waldorf school administration, dividing up the tasks to work efficiently while serving the needs of our students, our families, our teachers and staff and the greater community.  

We now have three Directors, thus the 3D title!  Jody Roach is the Director of Finance and Operations - she handles all fiscal matters , human resources and anything related to site or business operations. Lauren Hickman is the Director of Pedagogy and Programs- she is responsible for anything student/teacher related, faculty support and evaluations and program development.  Jenn Short is our latest hire, filling the role of Director of Community Development and Outreach. She is the face of DWS, connecting our school with the greater community, working to raise friends and funds for the school and interfacing with the Parent Council and parent body.  

The three Directors meet regularly to process and delegate information and projects to the right place.  This shift from Administrator to three leaders will be a change from a traditional hierarchical model, and we are confident that the community will find communicating with the school much more effective in the future.  To reach the 3D's:

Jody Roach -
Lauren Hickman -
Jenn Short -
Financial Report
Jody Roach, Director of Finance and Operations

At this time of the year, we like to share a picture of where our school's money comes  from, and how we spend it in order to operate the school responsibly. Please see a summary below of our  income and expenses from the 2017-2018 fiscal year, which ended on June 30, 2018. The data is currently unaudited - our annual audit is scheduled for October. We ended the year right on track with a small surplus:

 Tuition               $1,728,691
 Fundraising          $121,660
 Aftercare              $134,102
 Summer Camp      $47,645
  Other Income          $7,922
  Total Income   $2,040,020

 * This surplus is an
    estimate until all receipts 
    are reconciled and our 
    budget is finalized after 
    the October audit. 

 Fundraising                 $23,876
Utilities                 $36,543
Insurance             $33,375
Facilities               $53,971
Dues                     $22,770
Accounting             $9,256
Outreach                $8,481
Hospitality              $6,599
Other                    $32,965
Mortgage            $130,823
Wages             $1,280,973
Benefits              $162,409
Payroll Taxes      $116,313
 Program Expense        $81,170
 Total Expenses:    $1,999,524

Pedagogy and Programs Report
Lauren Hickman, Director of Pedagogy and  Programs

We had a full and rich year at Davis Waldorf School.  We began with our beautiful Rose ceremony where the 8th grade was partnered up with the new 1st graders, leading to their classroom through a sunflower arch for the first day of school. We had an amazing Protected Path and Perilous Path for All Hallow's Eve which was enjoyed by all.  Our winter concert reminded me of just how advanced and talented our young musicians are! Family Craft day, early childhood festivals and advent spirals marked our waning year with wonder and joy.  

Moving into 2018, our basketball team enjoyed exciting games and camaraderie with each other and local schools. Our 6th grade competed for the first time at the Global Games at the Marin Waldorf School. Our garden was bountiful, providing sustenance and educational opportunities for all the grades.  Our woodworking classes hummed along, producing mice, tortilla presses and handmade stools with originality and style. We had a beautiful eurythmy performance in March. The seventh graders worked hard in handwork to develop the premier showing of "The Rough Faced Girl" as a marionette show and masterfully performed for visitors at the May Faire.  Our Spanish program flourished - one class enjoyed demonstrating their speaking skills on a field trip to a local Mexican restaurant. Field trips galore were experienced by different classes and the class plays were unforgettable.

Our 8th grade class was stellar all year with exemplary projects, class play and solos. We bid them a fond farewell at graduation, where each one of them spoke with grace and clarity, embodying the ideals they learned at Davis Waldorf School of goodness, beauty and truth. A hearty congratulations and THANK YOU to the teachers, the students, the parents and the staff at DWS for a successful year!!
Board of Directors Report
Ceri Beeman, Board Chair

As well as meeting our fiduciary and legal responsibility to the school, the Board endeavors through its committee work to ensure Davis Waldorf School continues to develop and thrive.  At the January Confluence meeting of Board, Faculty, Staff and Parent Council we set strategic goals for 2018-2023 with a focus on site planning, enrollment and retention. In addition, the policies and procedures working group has developed a school-wide communication policy.

The school community has worked very hard over the past five years as the 2012-2017 strategic plan achievements demonstrate. Highlights include accreditation by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America , relaunching the school website, creating a gardening program from grades 1-8, expanding Eurythmy into grades 7 and 8, re-introducing Parent Council and our Parent-Child Program, adding two new playgrounds, and remodeling the Lavender Preschool classroom.

The Board is grateful for your ongoing support. It is participation from the community that makes the school such a special place for our children.
Community Development Report
Jenn Short, Director of Community Development

What an honor and blessing it is for me to begin my role as the Director of Community Development here at Davis Waldorf School. Conforming to Steiner's three-fold approach with our school's new Administrative model resonates with me as Lauren Hickman, Jody Roach and I work together with our heads, hearts and hands to support the Waldorf philosophy of educating students and providing a vibrant community life for our families.

I will be working on ways to continue connecting the community within our school, but also working with our surrounding communities to express how our Waldorf School positively impacts them and why their support helps on a global level as well. Together with the tuition support of our current families, and the generosity of Founding Members, Alumni, Family and Community Friends we will not only maintain the excellent academic and social environment we have now, but can begin to consider future needs of our growing school.
Parent Council Report
Gina Murphy, Parent Council Chair

Our Davis Waldorf School Parent Council serves as a platform for parents to actively participate, serve, and contribute to the functioning and organization of the school.  We support the teacher/student relations, inspire parents to volunteer, strengthen social bonds and build community.  We serve as a forum for parents' ideas, initiatives and concerns; where current issues within the school community can be discussed and positively communicated to the Faculty, Administration or Board.

Thank you to all the parents who contributed their time and energy this past year.  We came together and created a beautifully successful year for our children filled with community, learning and fun.  Each and every one of us cares deeply about our children's education and it's been a fantastic experience working with such a motivated parent body.  I am excited to continue on as Chair for the 2018/19 school year.
Coming Full Circle through Waldorf
Stories that Connect Us

Davis Waldorf School's Class of 2015 Comes Full Circle 
with their participation in Anne Frank: 
A History for Today
by Cindi Bradshaw, Alumni Parent & SWS Admissions Director
In 2015 the DWS 8th grade presented "The Diary of Anne Frank" for their 8th grade play. Little did they know that this year, during their senior year at Sacramento Waldorf School, they would have the opportunity to be trained by the  Anne Frank House to become docents for the international traveling exhibit of Anne Frank: A History for Today. This exhibit has traveled to over 40 countries and Sac Waldorf School was chosen by the Anne Frank House to host their exhibit in Northern California.
They will learn how to introduce important themes such as tolerance and discrimination and they will show visitors that cultural, ethnic, religious and political differences between people exist in every society and challenge them to think about concepts such as tolerance, mutual respect, human rights and democracy.

Two of our Teachers Come Full Circle
by Cindy Toy, DWS 6th Grade Teacher

Alisa Haller, our Garden Teacher, and I go way back to the 80's when we met at a cooperative restaurant in Davis called the Blue Mango.  I had been working there for a few years and was head cook.  The cooperative paid everyone the same amount, $3.15/hour, no matter if you did the books, washed the dishes, or waited on tables.  We sometimes just worked for free when money was scarce.  We were the only restaurant in town that served meals in the dining room to the homeless. 

Alisa had just graduated from high school, but I knew when she applied she had something very special at that young age.  A sense of commitment to the ideals the cooperative all held important - using environmentally sustainable practices, using all organic food from local farms and bringing socially responsible ideals to business practices.  Alisa was an amazing worker right off the bat and when she left to travel to South America we were devastated.  I remember writing Alisa a card saying how much she would be missed but I knew that the seeds of social and environmental ideals would be carried with her no matter where she went and she would plant those seeds and grow the ideals of sustainability.

Look at Alisa now!  We are together again as colleagues and I have the honor of mentoring her and being her daughter's teacher.  This is not because we stayed in touch, we just landed in the same place, a place and community that shares our commitment to community, the good earth, and human relationships.

We Want to Stay Connected With You!

If you have a Waldorf story you would like to have shared in a future publication please email Jenn Short at

Morning Call is a yearly Annual Report sent at the end of the fiscal year to all of our currently enrolled families, alumni families, grand- parents and donors. Its purpose is to report on the year's finances and provide an overview  from the different realms of our school.