August 2017, Newsletter
Home Builders Constructing
Advertising Campaigns

It's been a busy year for some of North Carolina's largest home builders, and they're making sure it stays that way by promoting their neighborhood housing developments. Streetlevel Media is playing a large part in their ad campaigns. Meritage Homes in Charlotte is getting the word out by using Streetlevel Media's truck side fleet that makes dozens of deliveries near their developments. Kolter Homes is following a similar blueprint with Streetlevel Media's truck side fleet, pin-pointing their advertising near their development. Essex Homes discovered the efficiency of mobile outdoor advertising years ago, and has maintained their fleet of mobile billboards to get the word out. Brunswick Forest in Wilmington has been employing the same strategy for years: show off the neighborhood with a moving billboard! Streetlevel Media is proud to have earned the trust of these great home builders!

Realtors Separating Themselves from the Crowd!

With the booming real estate business around the state its no wonder that the more aggressive agencies look to separate themselves from the crowd. Recently, three different agencies turned to Streetlevel Media to gain the exposure they needed to stand out. Lake Realty in Charlotte has offices in the Lake Norman area, and chose a mobile billboard route that operated in that area on a daily basis. Two realty companies in Fayetteville did the same, utilizing the Fayetteville city buses to reinforce their image across the city. Weichert Realtors and Edric Williams Remax both chose the large "King Kong" sized ads on the buses to make sure their message hit home with the viewers. Unless you drive with your eyes closed, you're going to be seeing these billboards quite a bit.

Things Were Simpler Back Then...

Sometimes the "good old days" weren't quite as simple and nostalgic as you might think. Coca-Cola got its name because it contained, originally at least, a very small percentage of cocaine. Cocaine was something of a wonder drug in the late 1800's, and the idea that it could be used as a local anesthesia for surgeries got the medical and drug profession  very
excited. Below is an example of either a label of a product or an actual advertisement that ran in New York in 1885. You won't find it on the shelves of your local Walgreen's any more.

Streetlevel Media Would like to send out a Warm Welcome out...

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