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If we don't take care of ourselves, we won't thrive. Instead, we'll experience a host of negative symptoms that snowball on each other to leave us feeling frustrated, burnt-out and ready to throw in the healthy living towel. Symptoms like constant sickness or allergies, inability to sleep or lack of quality sleep, failure to lose weight or possible weight gain, persistent brain fog + forgetfulness, along with low energy + motivation levels are all negative symptoms that can stem from a non-existent self-care routine.

Practicing daily self-care means giving ourselves permission to practice self-love and recharge our batteries. Something we ALL could use a little more of in our lives.

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Self-care is a total buzz word right now - and not just in our Holiday Helpers series! If you're still wondering what it means and how to put it into practice for your benefit, you're not alone. 

What it really entails is doing little things that add up to monumental shifts in our pursuit of vibrant health. It means feeding yourself with the most nutrient-dense, real foods whenever possible. It's engaging in [almost] daily movement that you enjoy and making room for the things that bring joy, laughter + fun into your life. It involves actually scheduling "down time" into your days/weeks where you can refresh your body, mind and spirit, while practicing gratitude for the love + blessings around you. 

Self-care means putting yourself first so that you can better give of yourself - in work, in life, in friendships and in love. Self-care is different than self-indulgence. It involves figuring out what works for you, makes you feel your best and then following through on practicing it. It doesn't have to look any certain way and it can change daily - the important part is that you make it happen daily.

We know things snowball [good + bad] and that building good habits takes regular practice - so we have two choices: we can choose the downward slope of running ourselves ragged, being too tired and feeling less-than-stellar OR we can choose to do things that radiate positive energy and vibrant health into all aspects of our lives. You have the power to choose where and how to direct your energy -- it's that simple...and yes I know, that hard. Take it one step at a time and give yourself grace in practicing self-care. You'll not only reap endless benefits, but in time - perhaps learn to crave it too! :)

Founded by husband + wife duo, Whitney & Regan Mack in 2012, Macks Mo is a health community designed to give you the tools required to make you fit for life. Physically fit - yes, but even more importantly - emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically fit to tackle anything life throws at you. All our programming is created to help you get the MOst our of your life so you can look and feel better in your body starting today.


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