While Swathi was excited to share some insight into her role as Founding Director, it was evident in conversation her true energy and enthusiasm are directed toward what unique opportunities this program will offer for students. Since the program is designed for Juniors and Seniors, when the students arrive to Sandusky, they are ready to be "immersed". Every student is guaranteed and paid for two co-op work experiences during the program, completing an eight-week co-op at the beginning and closing with a twelve-week co-op the next summer. This allows students to explore different roles, departments, companies, locations, environments, and so on. These experiences are customizable and wouldn't be possible without the public-private partnership at the foundation of the program. In addition to co-op experience, each semester students are enrolled in a "professional development" program which includes off-site seminars, networking and other industry-based learning experiences. Just as Swathi is excited to descend upon downtown Sandusky with incoming students next summer, Sandusky is excited to welcome them. The program has capacity for 200 students at any given time, and is expecting about 50 in its first year. Current applications are coming in from students in Texas, Nebraska, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina. Thanks to BGSU and Cedar Fair for bringing the opportunity to train, develop, and retain this diverse group of students to our community.