We are encouraged that yesterday, Derek Chauvin was held accountable in a court of law for his actions. We hope that this not only makes reimagining policing possible, but compels all of us to work every day to root out systemic racism in all of its many brutal manifestations.

We encourage you to use this 21 Day Challenge as a step towards transformation. As Minnesota Attorney General said in his statement yesterday, "Now the cause of justice is in your hands."

We believe in justice. We believe in dignity for all. We seek a world of equity and human decency. And we will continue to work for racial justice until our vision is realized – racism and injustice are rooted out, institutions are transformed and all people have the opportunity to thrive. Until Justice Just Is.

Day 1, April 21: Racial Identity
Race plays a big part in a person’s identity and how they navigate the world. Each person’s racial identity creates a different set of challenges. How do you think about your racial identity? How has your racial identity impacted you in education, work, volunteering, etc.? These tools may help you explore the notion of racial identity further.

  • Article: Race and Racial Identity are Social Constructs
  • Video:  Joanne Nchimbi, in a breath-taking talk, lays down in complete sincerity her experience understanding and manuvering around the idea of racial identity. Watch it here.
  • Spotlight: Caucus or affinity groups provide spaces for people to work within their own racial/ethnic group to advance racial equity. The site Racial Equity Tools, provides powerful resources to understand and use affinity groups.  

We invite you to download and print our 21-Day Reflection Journal as a way to capture your reflections after each challenge. Feel free to encourage your friends and family to join in this challenge by signing up at www.ywca-ens.org/21-day-challenge.
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