Day Ten: How Your Race Affects Your Health
You may have heard about the wealth gap, but have you heard about the wealth-health gap? According to the NY Times 1619 Project, “racial health disparities are foundational as democracy itself.”

Socioeconomic status and institutional racism lead to disparities across living conditions, limit access to quality health care, and contribute to chronic stress. The factors lead to shorter life spans and higher likelihood of adverse health outcomes for people living in poverty and people of color.
Healthcare costs also make up a significant portion of a household’s annual budget, placing additional stress on families that may or may not have insurance and access to quality care. In developing the 2019 ALICE Report, the most significant driver of increases in the Household Survival Budget from 2010 to 2017 was health care costs, including an average 59 percent increase in out-of-pocket costs.
Check out this Fact Sheet from the American Psychological Association exploring the compounding impact of socioeconomic status and race on health.

Read this report about the Community Condition of Health Care Access from the Livability Lab.

Do you have a local report for your community that focuses on health disparities? Send it to us at we would love to share it with those taking the challenge.
Watch David. R Williams, a public health sociologist, on the TED stage discuss why race and deep-rooted systemic racism have such a profound impact on health.

Hear Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones explain social determinants of health through her analogy of the “cliff of good health” in a video collaboration with the Urban Institute.
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